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Holiday dining room style tips and tricks


With the holiday season in full swing, decorating your home for the festivities should be a top priority — especially if you’re hosting this year. Whether the extended family is headed your way for Thanksgiving or you’re doing something small with your loved ones for Christmas this year, you’re likely putting together a feast to celebrate the holidays.

But the food isn’t the only thing that should take center stage — creating a gorgeous dining room for the get-together can help you achieve the festive atmosphere and get your family members feeling warm and cozy for the holiday season as they gather in your home.

Need help styling the table and decoration for the rest of the dining room? Have no fear. Here are a few design and decor tips and tricks to create the perfect holiday dining space:

Choose your theme
When it comes to showcasing holiday spirit, the vibe is different for everyone. Some homeowners like to go all out and turn their dining room into a festive frenzy, filling the room with faux foliage or red-and-green decor to the nines. Others are satisfied with a sleek white theme with silver and gold accents. Regardless of your style preference, deciding on your theme is the first step to creating the perfect space for gathering with your guests.

Find the perfect centerpiece
Some like to fill the dining room table with the holiday feast and let the main course take center stage. If you prefer to leave the food in the kitchen and serve buffet style, you need to prioritize a centerpiece. A bouquet of seasonal flowers makes a great choice, as it can bring some character to the table without coming off too strong. For a more traditional option during Thanksgiving or Christmas, a cornucopia or mini Christmas tree surrounded by small accents can make a magical impression.


Let your style preferences and theme guide your centerpiece and accents.Let your style preferences and theme guide your centerpiece and accents.

Let the lighting guide the mood
Your choice of lighting in the dining room is more important than you think. The last thing you want is too much fluorescent lighting in the space blinding your guests while they wine and dine. Similarly, the space shouldn’t be too dim, as it can make it more difficult to enjoy a meal and conversation. A chandelier can make a big difference in this living space, providing ample lighting while setting the tone for the room. It also makes a lovely focal point.

Bring a focal point into the room
While many homeowners typically reserve the focal point for a room that gets high traffic from guests, such as the kitchen or living room, the dining room will also be getting much-deserved attention this time of year. A festive piece can help guests feel cozy and nostalgic while attending your holiday get-together. This can be as simple as bringing a Christmas tree into the dining room or changing your window treatments to flow with the seasonal theme.

Get in touch with your Decorating Den Interiors design consultant
Taking on an additional chore during the holiday season can be overwhelming and impossible for some. If you’re getting ready to host for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year but feel overly occupied with other tasks on your agenda, Decorating Den Interiors can assist.

One of our personal decorators will come to your home to provide a complimentary consultation to get the project started. At this time, your design consultant will provide you with the advice and expertise to create the perfect holiday dining room. After an evaluation of your living space, a discussion of your wants and needs and an inside look at your personality and style preferences, your personal decorator will curate a blueprint for your holiday dining room that doesn’t only focus on the dining table, but also the surrounding furniture, decor and other aesthetic elements that will bring the room together.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas isn’t far behind. What are you waiting for? Contact a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today to get started.

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