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Home decor: How a small statement makes a big impact


Refreshing your home’s style doesn’t always mean giving each room a full-on makeover. You don’t have to knock down walls, paint and buy new furniture to switch things up. In fact, there are plenty of simple changes you can make that can impact the atmosphere without all of the heavy lifting.

Before you call the contractor and start the demolition, consider all of the small changes you can make that will produce a huge effect on the look and feel of you home. Here are few simple upgrades you can make in each room:

1. Switch plates

Standard switch plates often go unnoticed, mostly because they’re in a shade of white or another pale, neutral color. However, switch plates are easy to swap, offering the perfect opportunity for a new set that’s equally eye-catching and stylish. Take a risk and choose switch plates in vibrant textures, patterns and colors that match the room.

2. Knobs and pulls

Much like switch plates, the knobs and pulls found throughout your house can make each room seem outdated, even if the rest of the space is modern and upgraded. Change out the old knobs and pulls that came with the dressers, desks, cabinets and drawers throughout your home for options that are more stylish but still fully functional.

3. Window treatments

It’s easy to get caught up in hanging decor and changing up accessories around the house and then completely forget about dressing the windows. Much like wall art contributes to the style of each room, window treatments can help complete the space and make it feel more finished.

New window treatments can make all the difference.New window treatments can make all the difference.

4. Functional accessories

Take a look around the house and consider your use of accessories. Do you have a combination of decor that just sits on the mantel, while others lay across the lounge chair and offer full functionality? Add accessories that serve a purpose, rather than simply looking nice. Throw blankets, for example, have a way of making the end of a bed look more complete while also acting as an extra level of comfort if necessary.

5. Area rugs

Whether the floors in your home are bare or each room is fully carpeted, you still need to consider area rugs. This piece of decor has a reputation for pulling a room together and providing comfort where you’d least expect. A room without an area rug has a tendency to look like it’s missing something. The second you drop down that beautifully textured adornment onto the floor, the space becomes more cozy and inviting. It’s the true meaning of making a big impact with a small statement.

6. Throw pillows

The best part of adding throw pillows to your chairs, sofas and beds is that they’re so versatile –  changing things up doesn’t necessarily require an entirely new set of pillows. They help make any seating arrangement look more comfortable, welcoming, stylish and complex. It’s truly amazing what a difference a few small pillows can have on the style of a chair.

Making these subtle changes can have a huge impact, but not if you don’t execute things correctly. If you need help pulling all of these ideas together and more, call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate the space you want to improve. From there, he or she will offer guidance and advice based on the statement pieces you want to include.

Give your home the subtle upgrade it deserves. Call a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today!

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