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Home Furnishings Business I T Pro Advises on Windows 10

Easton, Md.— Decorating Den Interiors’ Information Technology Director Charles (C J) Wood has published Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade advice on an influential technology blog. His article can be read at http://blog.neweggbusiness.com/over-easy/installing-windows-10-in-the-workplace-a-testimonial/

“We finally have an operating system that is friendly with the growing world of technology,” he writes. “Whether you use a tablet with a touch screen, a desktop with a mouse and keyboard, or a convertible ultrabook, Windows 10 will adapt to you.”

Wood writes his advice in way that is pertinent to home or small-medium business networks.

Wood has been featured on other IT web blogs and videos. He was recognized last year by LifeSize, a provider of HD video conferencing services, who honored him for his leadership and technological expertise in managing a wide variety of IT services for his company’s interior design professional franchisees. He also instructs new owners on the range of internet and intranet services they are provided for their business management and communication.