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How a home office can serve double duty when house guests come to town


Having a room for your home office is a key way to promote productivity when you work remotely, but what if there were some easy ways to transform it into a multi-use space — specifically, a spare room for when house guests drop by?

Creating a multi-use room is a great way to get daily use out of your spare room, whether as an office or guest bedroom for family and friends. This transition may not seem the most straightforward, but with our helpful tips, you can optimize your spare room for work and hosting!

Read on and explore our top five tips and tricks:

1. Invest in multi-use furniture

You don’t have to commit to a home office or a guest room if you enter the space with multipurpose functionality in mind. A great option includes a convertible or sleeper sofa that can extend into a bed or fold into compact seating at a moment’s notice. This way the room can stay professional most of the time and then change into a cozy getaway without any hassle.

2.  Keep an eye out for storage opportunities

Something an office and guest room both have in common? A need for organization. Whether it’s stacks of work materials or extra blankets and pillows, having plenty of storage options is essential. Wicker baskets and ottomans with hidden storage are ideal candidates for either. Similarly, a desk with cabinets and drawers can help tuck away any unnecessary items instantly.

Furniture with storage is a great de-clutter option for multifunctional spaces.Furniture with storage are great de-clutter options for multifunctional spaces.

3. Add art to the room

Just because the room mainly functions as an office space doesn’t mean it has to be dreary or dull — brighten it up with paintings or pictures! This can help transition the room from work to warmth without the need to change anything for either use. The art can become the common denominator decoration that ties the shared space together in either form.

Art decor can tie the room together.Art decor can tie the room together.

4. Incorporate different lighting options

When you work, you want a brightly lit space to help keep you on task. However, that’s not necessarily the perfect atmosphere for a guest bedroom that your family and friends may want to rest in. To meet this challenge, aim to offer a couple of lighting options in this room. For daily use, consider overhead lighting or a bright desk lamp. For guests, have an ambient lamp by their sleeping arrangements or hang twinkly string lights around the room for extra coziness.

5. Reach out to a Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator

Creating a multifunctional shared office and guest room can be a daunting task. Relieve some of the pressure with expert assistance from a personal decorator at Decorating Den Interiors. They can help you optimize the space for easy transformation whenever you need it.

After you reach out, one of our design consultants will come to your home to provide a complimentary consultation for your room makeover. Through this meeting, our personal decorator will get to know your and your style preferences, so that they can match the best options for your end goals. From there, your decorators will build a plan to make a home office that serves double-duty when guests come to visit!

Excited to get started? Begin your design journey and get the perfect multi-use spare room. Contact Decorating Den Interiors today!

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