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How to achieve simple elegance

Simple elegance in home design is all about understanding how less is more. The right mixture of clean lines, soft hues and organization make the vibe of a room feel pure and straightforward. Without going over the top, elegant design shows serenity and sophistication, while bringing joy and comfort to a living space that all can appreciate.

Having a high-end looking home isn't as difficult as you'd think. A combination of simple solutions can transform your living room, foyer and any other space in your house with ease. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this timeless look:

A fresh coat of paint
The right color can bring complete elegance to any room in your home, Plus, a fresh coat of paint adds instant energy to what was once a dull living space. Shades of white make the perfect choice when creating clean, fine lines. You can also accent with black to create an ideal focal point and set off a lavish feel.

More pillows
There's something oh-so opulent and stately about a bed that's loaded with pillows. It's reminiscent of the vibe you catch on a weekend getaway in a lofted hotel in the big city. Fill your own bedroom as well as the guest room with enough pillows to wow your loved ones. The sofa can benefit from dozens of throw pillows as well; this adds another layer of style and comfort to a high-traffic living space.

Hardwood flooring
Carpeting may add an extra layer of comfort to a living space, but hardwood flooring gives off an elegant vibe that you can't pass up. Choose a dark color to exude luxury from one room to the next.

Dec DenHardwood flooring makes a simple, yet sophisticated statement in any living space.

A plush area rug
You don't have to ditch the look and feel of carpeting altogether. Instead, invest in soft area rugs to disperse throughout your home. This simple piece of decor can make a huge statement and control the entire vibe of a living space. Choose exhilarating fabric like faux fur to wow and comfort your guests.

Chic lighting fixtures
Standard sconces won't do your home any justice if you're trying to achieve elegant design. Modern chandeliers can add charm without going overboard. Choose table and floor lamps that compliment your main lighting fixtures to bring the rooms together in addition to adding a degree of ambiance when desired.

Soft, flowy window treatments
If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery through your windows and privacy isn't an issue, forgo the window treatments. If, however, you want to take in the great outdoors and filter the natural light in, use sheer drapery that allows the soft, bright hues of the room to take center stage without artificial illumination.

No matter what type of adjustments you want to make to your home, you can achieve subtle, simple elegance with ease by reaching out to a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. One of our professionals will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space and current design scheme. From there, he or she will discuss potential changes to make based on the theme, as well as your personal style, wants and needs.

There's no better time to change up the vibe in your home than summertime, this way you have an excuse to throw more parties and let guests get acquainted with the new vibe. Call a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today to get the ball rolling.

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