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How to add a modern twist to your family room

Whether you use the family room on a regular basis or it's the place you save for the holidays, this space can be a fun canvas to design and decorate to wow your guests and make your family members feel cozy. If your current setup is more on the traditional side and you want to achieve an updated look, modern contemporary may be the right choice for you. 

Modern design is all about creating a sleek feel in a room without taking away from the warm and inviting tone that a house should provide. It's about paying attention to fine lines, pops of color, mismatching furniture and other unconventional details to complete the living space. If this sounds like the perfect choice for your family room, consider the following tips to make it happen: 

Think white
White is generally the traditional backdrop color for any space looking to achieve a modern style. It allows you to put simplicity on display and showcase the furniture, accessories and decor around the room. Consider white walls in the family room in a shade like eggshell or vanilla.

Choose bold accessories
Use the white foundation to your advantage by decorating with black and one other bright, bold color. Yellow maximizes the contemporary vibe, while a shade like red or blue can add a feel that's more toned down and intimate. Think about these colors as you choose artwork, throw pillows and countertop decor.

Take advantage of shapes
Just like colors add dimension to the living space, shapes can do the same. Choose artwork and other decor that emphasizes squares and other polygons that make use of the fine lines that complement modern decor so effortlessly. Think about this when picking furniture as well; the right style sofa and coffee table can make or break the modern vibe.

Take advantage of different shapes and textures in design.Take advantage of different shapes and textures in design.

Mix up furniture textures and styles
Beyond the shapes of your furniture, you need to consider the textures you want to use throughout the family room. It's common to assume that everything needs to match to create a space that flows, but that's the beauty of modern design – it's all about thinking outside of the box and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Choose different style chairs to place throughout the room to break things up, as Freshome suggested.

Decorate with large pictures and prints
Clutter is your enemy when it comes to modern design, especially on the walls. Instead of placing dozens of pieces of artwork all over the walls, find one large print to hang. Keep it simple; even a blank canvas with one stroke of black can make a major statement.

Make use of negative space
Modern design is the epitome of minimalism. It's the idea of less means more; leaving empty space throughout the room can help you achieve the style to the greatest extent. Don't feel obligated to decorate every square inch of your family room; instead, leave some empty spaces in the corner, on the walls and around the furniture.

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