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How to choose the right area rug for your dining room


A dining room is a place for gathering. For sitting down with family members after time apart to discuss their days and enjoy each other’s presence. Because of the general meaning of this living space, it’s important that it’s decorated in a way that not only encourages conversation, but also allows people to open up and feel comfortable. Beyond a soothing color scheme and other decorations that make for a relaxing atmosphere, an area rug is another staple piece needed to bring the room together and make it feel complete.

Interested in investing in an area rug for the dining room? Here are a few simple factors you need to consider:

1. Size and shape
In this room, an area rug needs to be directly under the dining room table, but that generally goes without saying. The important aspect to remember is that the size and shape of the rug can make or break the look and feel you’re going for. According to Rug and Home, the general rule of thumb is to allow for 18 to 24 inches around the perimeter of the table so that when guests pull their chairs out to sit down, they’re still on top of the area rug. Shape is considered more around personal preference – choosing one that mimics the shape of the table allows for consistency, so that may be something to consider when shopping. This isn’t necessarily a must, however. There are plenty of gorgeous examples of rectangular tables accompanied by round area rugs that look flawless.

2. Material and texture
The way the area rug feels on the feet is essential – after all, this piece of decor isn’t only supposed to be easy on the eyes, it also needs to provide comfort for your family members and guests. From wool and silk to shag and bamboo, there are so many different materials and textures to choose from for the dining room. Figuring out which one would will best suit the dining room is about personal preference and how much time and effort you’re willing to put into upkeep.

Choose a material and texture that flows with your lifestyle.

3. Color and pattern
While the look and feel of the area rug is one of the most important aspects to consider while shopping around, you have to consider the color and pattern as well. Not only from a stylistic perspective, but also from a functionality and cleanliness standpoint. With the amount of foot traffic and potential spillage this area rug may witness, it’s important to choose a color and/or pattern that will disguise stains with ease.

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