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How to choose the right lighting for your entryway

With more free time to focus on menial tasks, home projects and responsibilities, now's a great opportunity to consider rejuvenating a living space like the entryway. Beyond decorations, accessories and furniture, focusing on the lighting aspect of this room can take an area that's often overlooked to the next level.

From details on which lighting fixtures to choose, to whether you should use window treatments or focus on certain colors in your decor and design scheme, we spoke with Bohnne Jones, an interior decorator at Decorating Den Interiors for her perspective on taking care of the entryway lighting.

Best lighting options to consider
If you want to make a move that not only looks stylish but is also functional, Jones recommended going with sconces for your lighting.

"Sconces are fabulous wall fixtures that allow you to put the light where the people are, vs. a chandelier which may be too high up to adequately light the space, without turning the light all the way up or the ceiling may be too low to put a chandelier at all."

She also suggested dimmers on all fixtures, as they can help adequately transform the room when the mood needs to be adjusted.

Take advantage of the natural lighting.Take advantage of the natural lighting.

Window treatments: Yes or no?
Functionality should always be considered when you're making the decision to include window treatments for a room, according to Jones.

"When deciding on window treatments in the entryway, the choice should be made on functional requirements first – then the decorative solution follows," she said. "Is privacy an issue, such as with a large glass door which might be allowing a clear view into your home? Or is the door glass or with sidelights that is letting in damaging sunlight? Solutions depend on the style of your home – interior and exterior.

If you decide that yes, window treatments are necessary for you, you have plenty of options to choose from. Fabric curtains, shades, woven wood shades, UV blocking designer screen shades, shutters, horizontal blinds, cellular or other shading systems or vision-obscuring film are among the choices suggested by Jones.

Choosing colors that will accentuate the lighting
Painting with lighter shades can impact the natural lighting in your living space, but this doesn't necessarily work for everyone's style. Jones recommended making the color call based on the look you want for your entryway.

"Artificial lighting can be a big help in a dark space – colors with high light reflectance values can help; the decision is best made when you know what is the overall look you are trying to achieve," she said.

Whether you're staying at home full time for the unforeseeable future or you're looking for something do instead of sitting on your couch all weekend, watching the clock tick, home renovations are a great way to be productive during a stay-at-home order. Whether you're interested in rejuvenating your current lighting arrangement in the entryway or you want to redecorate or design another room in your home, a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can lend a helping hand.

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