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How to create a bright and comfortable sunroom

Are you preparing your sunroom for spring and summer? There's nothing better than lounging on your sofa under the warm sun. You can decorate your space to have anything from a laid-back bohemian appearance to a more formal look with high-end sofas and accent pieces. However, you have to choose your furniture and decor wisely, as a space filled with so much natural light should be decorated with furniture and accessories that are able to withstand more wear and tear than your average indoor furnishings. 

Your personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors will help you select furniture and fabrics made from materials that were built for outdoor areas. After your complimentary consultation, your decorator will assist you in establishing everything from your color palette to your design theme. Work with your decorator to complete these fundamental steps for establishing a sunroom that perfectly balances the comfort of the indoors and the natural beauty of the outdoors. 

1. Lay out the foundation
Start with the basics. Decide on a color palette that includes cheerful hues like yellow and a crisp white shade, or go bold with vibrant colors like turquoise, pink and orange for a hint of tropical flair that can lend a fun, exotic vibe to your sunroom.

Next, focus on your layout. You should approach the setup like you would your indoor furnishings in a gathering area like your living room. While focusing on traffic flow and an arrangement that encourages easy conversation is essential, in your sunroom, your focal point won't be a fireplace or entertainment center, but most likely your largest window and drapery. 

Lay our your color scheme with bright hues like yellow and blue.Lay out your color scheme with bright hues like yellow and blue.

Once your color scheme and layout are established, your Decorating Den Interiors interior designer will help you add basic accessories for comfort. For example, even if you haven't nailed down the exact design theme you want your sunroom to exude, an area rug or two will flawlessly make the space look and feel homier. Decorating Den Interiors has area rugs of various shapes, sizes and colors that are made from a range of materials to cater to your specific living space. 

2. Select durable and stylish furnishings
Popular sunroom furnishing materials include natural elements like wicker, bamboo and rattan. All wood tones would work as well, but ask your personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors about finding distressed, satin or matte finishes instead of shiny ones, as these tend to be more durable and give the space a charming outdoor feel. Iron and teak furnishings can withstand wear and tear as well. Just be sure to choose furniture with fabrics that won't get worn out by the sun too quickly. Ask your decorator which fabrics fit this category and work best for your sunroom. 

3. Decide on window treatments
Save your formal drapery for the indoors and, instead, narrow down your selection to the simplest, most minimal options. For example, bamboo blinds paired with lightweight window treatments made of materials like cotton or linen help emphasize the natural aspect of your sunroom and are effective at filtering light. They'll also provide enough privacy at night. Your Decorating Den Interiors decorating consultant can suggest a few specific materials, colors and designs that complement your existing furnishings and decor. 

4. Choose your accessories
It's common for homeowners to go overboard with plants in their sunroom. Most experts would suggest keeping plants to a minimum, as too many will distract from the surrounding nature. Mix a couple of hanging and tabletop plants to prevent cluttering the space. Remember that you want the focal point of the sunroom to be the view. 

A tabletop plant or two is enough to emphasize the natural lighting without distracting from the window view.A tabletop plant or two is enough to emphasize nature without distracting from the window view.

If you plan on using your sunroom as a gathering area during the evening hours, you'll also need floor and table lamps for ample artificial lighting. Talk to your decorator from Decorating Den Interiors about your lighting options. Then, add throw pillows featuring bold hues and patterns like floral, trellis and stripes for a classic, vibrant appearance. 

One great aspect of working with a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors is that he or she will guide you toward products that are going to keep you within your budget. This can be tricky to do when you're focusing on so many different elements of the design process. Visit our website today to find a decorator near you!

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