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How to create a cozy fall feel in your home


Transitioning into the fall and winter months creates endless opportunities to spruce up your interior decor. While your seasonal accessories, like pumpkins and wreaths, are perfect for the holidays, you can’t forget about other design elements around your house.

If you want to create a cozy and welcoming feel in your home that’s perfect for the fall season and beyond, here are some easy tips and tricks to follow:

Incorporate warm colors

Reds, yellows and oranges are all colors that evoke a cozy feel, according to Martha Stewart. That’s because they draw inspiration from natural elements like fire and sunshine that people crave in the darker, colder months of fall and winter.

Layer accessories like throw blankets, pillows and artwork in these colors for the maximum comforting effect. For instance, a terra cotta toned blanket artfully draped on your brown sofa instantly invites guests and family members to take a seat and cuddle up while adding a pop of color to the space.

The best part is that warm reds and deep golden yellows are perfect for both autumn and winter, so your accessories can last for two seasons instead of one. Choose larger design pieces, like rugs and wall decor, that feel right for multiple seasons and change other accessories (like gourds and nutcrackers) as the specific holidays come and go to set the festive mood.

A faux fur blanket in a burgundy is the perfect accessory for fall and beyond.

Pick your textiles wisely

As we alluded to before, plush blankets, pillows and even rugs are ideal interior items for the seasonal transition. Not only are they practical, as they provide you with some extra warmth, they also come in a variety of colors, styles, patterns and, of course, materials.

The textiles you choose for your home decor can really help take your living areas to the next level. Cotton, wool and fleece accessories look and feel cozy. As blankets, they are perfect for cuddling under next to a blazing fire or while watching TV. When you purchase new accessories for the season, make sure you are able to look and feel them before buying to ensure they match the new concept you’re going for.

Add soft lighting

With the days becoming shorter, you will need to rely on lamps and lights around your home much more during the morning and evening hours. However, artificial light can be a strain on your eyes (not to mention your electric bill). A great alternative to this is to add candles in your living areas.

The Spruce explained that the soft light provided by candles brings a relaxed and welcoming ambience to any space. They create just enough glow so you aren’t in complete darkness and can still enjoy eating or watching TV. Consider getting scented candles that can add an extra layer of coziness to the room. Scents like cinnamon are perfect for both fall and winter, but don’t overlook other natural odors like lavender that are known to help create a calm atmosphere.

Even though fall is already here, the personal decorators at Decorating Den Interiors are still ready to turn your home into an autumnal oasis by adding accessories and furnishings that will extend throughout the season. Our design experts are now available for a free in-person or phone consultation to discuss your ideas about creating a cozy and welcoming feel in your house. They are eager to hear about your personal style and any trends you are looking to incorporate this year.

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