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How to create a family-friendly kitchen without sacrificing style

The kitchen is a versatile haven where family dinners take place, the kids sit down to complete their homework and family members put their skills to the test with new recipes. In addition to functional and stylish, the hardest working room in your house should be kid-friendly to ensure your furniture and decor aren't undergoing unnecessary wear and tear. People don't often think of stylish and family-friendly as two characteristics that go hand in hand, but with an experienced personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors, you can turn your space into an escape that meets all of your criteria. 

Here are a few of the furniture and design elements you'll need as you decorate your family-ready kitchen. Your decorator won't only help you select the perfect product from Decorating Den Interior's wide range of home furnishing options, but will bring them to your home and assist you in arranging them while ensuring you stay within your budget.

Eat-in kitchen
Eat-in kitchens are key components to a versatile and fully functional space. Not only do they offer extra room for dining, but they provide a convenient gathering area for friends and family and additional space for food prep.

You can create a cozy and stylish eat-in kitchen with barYou can create a cozy and stylish eat-in kitchen by surrounding your counter with bar stools.

There are a variety of styles and setups from which your Decorating Den Interiors interior decorator can help you choose from. You may want to arrange your eating area by the windows for a captivating outdoor view that brings in plenty of natural lighting. Create a window seat in your breakfast nook for an element of comfort and a charming, cottage-style feel. If you're going for a sleek, chic eating area, on the other hand, a center island with a granite countertop and tall, modern stainless steel bar stools will provide a casual, yet head-turning space. Once you've decided on the chairs, stools and eating surface that are going to cater to your style preferences and make the most of your kitchen, your Decorating Den Interiors designer will show you a selection of options that work with your criteria. 

Cozy window treatments
When deciding on your window treatments, there are a few key elements to consider. Along with decorative factors like color and style, think about the amount of sunlight you want illuminating your space, the length of your drapery and your privacy needs. Sunlight may be effective at making the space feel brighter and larger, but don't forget to take your furniture into consideration, as UV rays can quickly fade most materials. They can also cause the temperatures in your kitchen to rise, which isn't ideal, as active ovens and stoves already give off a lot of heat. Ask your personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors which drapery fabrics are most durable to ensure sunlight isn't going to ruin them or your furnishings, or heat up your kitchen. Similarly, ask your decorator about materials that allow you to see outside and daylight to enter while blocking views from the outside to ensure privacy. Roman shades, for example, are often made from woven or translucent fabrics that meet these standards.

Frame your large bay windows with floor-length window treatments.Frame your large bay windows with floor-length window treatments.

While most kitchens work best with shorter drapery for enhanced functionality, floor-length options could work for your breakfast nook or when framing a large bay window or French doors. When it comes to the design and color of your window treatments, talk to your personal decorator about customizing your drapery. Decorating Den Interiors enables people to select features like fabric, texture, style and color to ensure you're decorating with window treatments that contribute everything you're looking for, from durability to functionality and style.

Durable area rugs
Do you have sleek hardwood floors installed throughout your kitchen? You'll want to protect them from heavy foot traffic and incidents like spills with area rugs. Area rugs also create a cozy and inviting kitchen, adding texture along with your drapery. For an especially durable fabric, ask your interior designer from Decorating Den Interiors about area rugs made from sea grass, sisal or jute, as these are perfect for high-traffic locations. All-wool or wool-blend rugs are also very stain-resistant and soft. There are also many indoor/outdoor rugs that are very suitable for kitchen use. Whichever material you choose, your interior designer will be able to help you find a product that's easy to clean for when those inevitable accidents occur.

Don't forget about color and design! Area rugs make it easy to introduce a bold new hue or pattern to your kitchen. Work with your designer to find one that incorporates shades from your window treatments or cabinets for a coordinated look. 

If you don't know where to begin with your kitchen's design process, a decorating consultant from Decorating Den Interiors will come to your home and assess your space with a complementary consultation. He or she will help you determine which furniture or accessories your area needs to become the stylish family-friendly kitchen you've been dreaming of!

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