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How to create a learning space in your home for your children


With many parents currently expected to homeschool their children while working from home, life can seem a little crazy at the moment. The good news is, you’re not alone. Many parents across the country can relate to what seems like continuously busy, never-ending days.

The even better news? There are a few simple home design and decor tips that can help you create a learning environment for your kids with ease. No more setting up separate work sections around the dinner table, rather, you can finally transform that empty living area you’ve been eyeing into a space that’s inspiring, motivating and stylish.

Looking for a weekend project to pass the time? Here’s how you can create a lively learning space for your kids in the comfort of your home:

1. Choose the room
Take a look around your house and decide which place becomes the new study space. Do you have an empty room that’s craving some attention? Do you want to keep it small and cozy in a nook in your living area? The space you choose will be highly based on how well your kids work in a more public or private setting

2. Declutter – and stay organized!
Once you choose the new learning space, declutter it completely so you can start with a fresh canvas. And remember: Keeping this space organized regularly allows your kids to keep their minds organized as well.

Organization is the key to success.Organization is the key to success.

3. Involve the kids
Since this living space is dedicated to the children, make sure they’re involved throughout the redesign process! Give them leverage in choosing colors, accessories and furniture for the room, but don’t let things get out of hand – we’ll touch on this in the next point.

4. Make it a visual space, but free of distractions
You want to create a study space that your kids enjoy being in, but the last thing you need is another playroom. Keep the area bright with colors and other visual decorations but make sure it’s not a distracting space. Leave the television and toys out of the room and try to keep the decorations educational.

5. Keep things nice and lit
A bright and inviting room is great for the mind, so make sure to take advantage of whatever amount of natural lighting you can let into the space. Lighting is something to keep in mind at night as well – if your kids tend to stay up later to study and finish homework, make sure they have the proper lighting at their desk or study area.

There’s no telling how much longer the kids will be learning at home, so now’s the perfect time to transform some space in your home to mimic the ideal learning environment that allows them to thrive and get creative throughout the day. If you’re intimidated by the thought of taking on this project on your own and you need some assistance, contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors.

He or she can provide you with the advice you need to get started right over the phone. Or, if you’re comfortable with it, we can send someone to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space and go over your ideas. From there, the two of you can brainstorm, finalize ideas and get right to work. Your kids will be so excited to learn about this fun project that’s just for them.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today.