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How to create a more comfortable and festive Memorial Day gathering


Memorial Day, what many consider the official start of summer, is right around the corner. And thankfully, this year is looking a little brighter than 2020 in terms of outdoor gatherings. If it feels like you spent 365+ in your house away from family and friends and you’re ready to rid yourself of cabin fever, now’s the perfect time to throw a small party!

Before you send the invitations to loved ones and call your favorite caterer, however, you need to make sure your outdoor living space is in pristine condition for the get-together. From prioritizing lawn care and improving your decor and accessories, to making sure everyone is accommodated in terms of comfort, there are various tasks you need to put on your checklist and take care of before the party starts.

Here are our suggestions for creating a more comfortable and festive backyard atmosphere for the Memorial Day gathering:

1. Set aside time for lawn care and add festive flowers
Before you can decorate and set up your furniture, take care of the foundation of the backyard. Mow the lawn, tidy up the shed and do what you can to make your outdoor living area more presentable and comfortable for your guests. You can even plant a few red, white and blue flowers around your deck and patio to showcase some holiday spirit that your guests are sure to enjoy.

2. Prioritize seating
Accommodating all of your guests is essential when throwing a party, and paying close attention to seating arrangements has never been more important. Take a look at your current setup and decide if you have enough seating to take care of all of your guests. If the amount of chairs isn’t an issue, think about the setup. Do you have enough distance between chairs for the guests who are still playing it safe? Keeping the comfort levels of all of your friends and family members in mind is important if you want everyone to relax and have a good time.

Make seating your top priority when preparing for the party.

3. Pay attention to lighting based on your wants and needs
If you plan to keep the party going well into the night, don’t forget about lighting. String lighting and candles are a simple way to keep spaces made for intimate conversation well lit, while more powerful spotlighting should be considered if you plan to gather out in the grass and play yard games.

4. Prepare festive food and refreshments
What’s a holiday party without festive snacks and beverages? Whether you plan to serve a whole meal, spread out appetizers throughout the day or simply set up a self-serve bar, keep Memorial Day in mind while you shop and prepare for the party. A colorful fruit salad, patriotic cookies and vibrant cocktails are a few ways to bring the holiday to life through food and beverages.


Have fun with foods and refreshments. Have fun with foods and refreshments.

5. Call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors to help
Preparing for the unofficial start of summer and potentially the first big get-together of the year is something to be excited about. However, you may also feel a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility. Instead of putting the entire project together on your own or with a few family members, why not bring in some professional assistance instead?

A personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors is your ticket to a flawless Memorial Day get-together. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to assess your backyard and provide you with recommendations based on the amount of living space you have to work with, your personal style, the suggestions above and more.

After your initial consultation, your decorator will have a better idea of what design style you’re going for, but you can continue to collaborate back and forth until the job is done. By the end of your partnership, your backyard will be in top shape for Memorial Day and the rest of summer.

So what are you waiting for? With just a few weeks to spare, you don’t want to miss your chance to revamp your backyard to prepare for Memorial Day weekend! Contact one of our design consultants today to get started.