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How to create the cozy back patio of your dreams

Summer is fast approaching. That means you'll spend more time outdoors soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh air. Right now, it's difficult to tell whether your summer will actually include vacations, nights spent on the town with friends or dining at your favorite local restaurant. Because the foreseeable future is fairly uncertain in terms of how you'll spend the season of sunshine, you may want to consider revamping your patio and backyard. A cozy retreat of your own will make you forget about stay-at-home orders and instead remind you how easy it is to soak up the sun in the comfort of your own home.

With warmth and blue skies well on the way, now's a great time to get your yard in shape. Here are a few ways to create the cozy back patio of your dreams:

Choose colors based on personal preference
There's no right or wrong when it comes to picking the colors for your patio. Instead, consider the hues that will make you feel most comfortable and relaxed. Better Homes and Gardens suggested a light and airy color scheme of white mixed with accents of vibrant colors like pink and orange.

Add a relaxation element
In revamping your patio, ask yourself the following: How can I take this to the next level? You owe it to yourself to add an element that will wow your family members – and yourself – every time you step into the backyard. A new set of patio furniture that includes a chaise lounge or sectional might do the trick. Or, something more fascinating like a fountain, fire pit or outdoor kitchen is what you need to turn your patio space into an area you'll never want to leave.

Create an oasis that transforms your backyard into a personal getaway. Create an oasis that transforms your backyard into a personal getaway.

Don't forget the accessories
No matter what kind of color scheme you intend to follow – or which interesting elements you add to the space – it's important to make accessories a must. Throw pillows along the patio furniture, an area rug in the middle of the gathering area and small decorations will bring that cozy element to your outdoor living space with ease.

Make upkeep a priority
No matter how much effort you put into coming up with a decorative game plan for the patio, none of it matters if you don't keep the outdoor area clean. Make it a top priority to not only keep the gathering space tidy but to also take care of necessary yard work surrounding the space. The last thing you want in a relaxation station is an eyesore caused by weeds or uncut grass.

During these strange times, many people gravitate toward home design and taking on interior and exterior decorating ventures. While both can be achieved on your own, the process itself can be very intimidating if you've never done it before or have very limited experience. If you're looking for a helping hand during your back patio rejuvenation, contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors.

Based on your comfort levels, he or she can come to your home for a free consultation or discuss your ideas over the phone. During your conversation, you can evaluate your current living space and discuss different aspects of potential decorations and design elements. Then, you'll draw out a blueprint of your new and improved exterior space and get the ball rolling immediately.

Ready to get your backyard in shape for a summer spent at home? Contact a personal decorator today.