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How to decorate a room with an amazing view


Finding the home of your dreams is an indescribable feeling. Whether it’s the location, the exterior and landscaping, the foundational floor plan or a combination of all three, settling into a place that brings you comfort, relaxation and total serenity is one of the most valuable things that anyone can ask for. What’s one feature that can take your dream home to the next level, though? A floor-to-ceiling window that offers a picturesque view.

When you have such a natural statement available in your home, however, how do you decorate the room it exists in? Simple, just follow our advice below:

1. Make it the focal point of the room
If there’s no hesitation in pointing out that the view is the focal point of the living space, make sure to accentuate it. Don’t bring in something that could potentially put a shade over the light this view is bringing to the room; be more modest with furniture, decorate with neutral colors and be subtle with the window treatments you’ll use – sheers over heavy treatments will make a major difference in your ability to soak up the view for all it’s worth.

2. Accessorize around it
In choosing accessories for the living space, think about what colors, textures and designs will correlate well with the view. For instance, if you’re looking out into a picturesque seaside landscape, a dark and woodsy color template doesn’t make sense for the room. Instead, you would focus on a light and airy scheme made up of white and pastel shades.

3. Arrange furniture strategically
The type and amount of furniture you bring into the living space has a major impact on your ability to take in the view. You may consider setting up a large sectional sofa so that it’s directly facing the view – think about this with surrounding furniture as well. This shows you’re fully aware of the natural focal point and want family members and guests to enjoy it.

Place furniture strategically so you and your guests can enjoy the view with ease.Place furniture strategically so you and your guests can enjoy the view with ease.

4. Remember that less is more
With such a gorgeous view available in your house, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm the living space and make it so that your visitors are focused on something completely different when they’re in the presence of the view. Less is more is a valuable expression to remember as you decorate and declutter this room in your home. Let the natural scene speak for itself no matter the time of day.

5. Consider professional assistance
While decorating the home of your dreams can be an exciting venture to take on your own, it can be very intimidating without the right tools, resources and insight needed to accessorize around a large feature window. If you’re interested in taking this project on with a professional, simply call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors.

While the current state of the pandemic has many of us feeling uncertain about letting others into our home, we can accommodate your needs based on your personal preferences. That means we can send a design consultant to your home for a free consultation, or you can discuss your ideas over the phone. During the meeting, you and your personal decorator can decide which colors, accessories and pieces of furniture would best fit the room with the amazing view.

Now’s a great time to take full advantage of an interior design project! Don’t hesitate to contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today.

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