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How to decorate around a fireplace


The fireplace is likely the focal point of your living room year-round, but there’s no denying that its shining moments occur during the fall and winter months. Not only can you light a fire and get cozy on a crisp autumn evening, the decorating choices for the mantel and surrounding area are seemingly endless.

Having the right decor around your fireplace is ideal for drawing your eye to the area and emphasizing the feelings of the season. Follow these tips to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing display around your hearth.

Follow safety precautions

First and foremost, it’s critical to follow some fire safety rules when decorating around your fireplace – especially if it’s functional. The Electrical Safety Foundation International encourages everyone to keep any decor 3 feet away from heat sources, especially if the materials are flammable. This means keeping a close eye on any floral arrangements and cloth items you may use.

If your fireplace is more ornamental, you can still create a cozy feeling by putting candles in the space (electric are recommended). This may offer some more flexibility with embellishments, as the fireplace will not be emitting heat.

Create symmetry

No matter how you use your fireplace, it’s important to enhance it with your decor choices. A good rule of thumb is to have one item in the middle of the mantel and a sconce or other matching items on either side. Per Better Homes & Gardens, adding a mirror centered over the hearth is a great way to create symmetry and make the living area seem more spacious.

Another good anchor item would be a vase of flowers or a cornucopia with other seasonal accessories flanking it. From there, it’s time to add other elements like candle sticks, photos or sentimental tchotchkes you rotate with the seasons. The general consensus is that while symmetry is important for beginning your decor items, adding accessories in odd groups is the most pleasing to the eye. This may mean adding three candles or five figurines around the space to create depth in addition to the larger, centering items.

If you have a TV over your fireplace, add decor to the hearth.

Embrace the season

Of course, the best part of decorating around the fireplace is giving homage to the new seasons through your assortment of embellishments. In the spring or summer, your mantel may be adorned with a fresh bouquet of flowers, fall and winter are times when the area may need a little more holiday style.

For autumn, hanging a decorative wreath and adding candles is a create way to welcome in the shorter, cooler days. Winter means deep reds and greens, possibly a fresh garland or nutcrackers placed at a safe distance away from any heat. Either way, the fireplace is an area to showcase your seasonal decor and evoke the feelings of holidays and warmth.

Don’t clutter the mantel

Finally, it’s important to never clutter your fireplace area with too many frills. Not only can this pose a safety hazard if you want to light a fire, but it may not be pleasing to look at all the time. This is why switching out decor every few months is recommended. You can have your favorite pieces out at different times of the year to appreciate them.

Decorating around your fireplace takes a keen eye and a flare for seasonal arrangements. If you need help adorning your mantel this upcoming season, the design professionals at Decorating Den Interiors are eager to help. Our experts are available for a free in-person or phone to discuss your ideas for the focal point of your home.

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