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How To Decorate Around a Pool


Although winter may seem like it will last forever, spring and summer are quickly approaching. Cast off your heavy throw blankets and fuzzy slippers and prepare to make your outdoor space a perfect oasis for the warmer weather ahead. And, what better way to welcome the heat than by decorating around your pool area?

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you’d like your backyard to look like, and we’ve got some helpful tips that can inspire you. Let’s dive in!

Choosing the Right Furniture

The first item on your pool prep checklist is patio furniture — and there are various options to choose from, like chaise lounges, bistro sets, outdoor sofas, hammocks and wooden beach chairs. Whether you have a large, flat concrete design or small, river-rock section area around your ground pool, there are furniture pieces that can fit perfectly into your space.

The most important things to consider are how you want your patio or pool deck to function, the number of people you foresee using the pool and patio and the amount of yard space you have to work with.

beach chairsThere are various options of outdoor furniture to choose from, including chaise lounges, bistro sets, outdoor sofas and wooden beach chairs.

Furniture for Small Spaces

If you have a smaller backyard pool area, you can allocate space for about two to three people to sit there together. Foldable or stackable furniture that can be moved or stashed away easily is a great choice for this pool space style. Sleek, colorful folding chairs can work really well in your patio, and they make it easy to move closer or farther away from the pool. If you want a relaxing place to read or enjoy the outdoor breeze, a hanging chair might also suit your needs. After finding your main furniture pieces, adorn your cozy poolside resort with finishing touches like colorful outdoor rugs, waterproof pillows, big umbrellas and a small coffee table on which to set your ice-cold lemonade.

Furniture for Large Spaces

For hanging out in a medium to large backyard, you may want to include more places to sit and a wider range of outdoor furniture. Some comfortable seating options for larger families or groups of guests include outdoor sofas or sectionals that can seat two to four people. This furniture style looks inviting and is the perfect place to chill after a long swim. For those who enjoy a meal or snack poolside, a picnic table or larger coffee table can add functionality to your space and make enjoying your swimming pool easy. Finalize the design with a big outdoor rug and some beautiful side tables to offer flexibility and comfort for each person.

Embrace Nature With Plants, Flowers and Greenery

Although furniture is a vital part of any swimming pool oasis, it’s still missing an important element: greenery and plant life. You may be thinking pool landscaping isn’t necessary because you’re designing a space that’s already outside. But don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed potted flower or shady tree!

You don’t have to be a landscape designer or have a green thumb to add plants to your backyard oasis. Just find either real greenery that can thrive outdoors or fake plants that can add the same beautiful effects without the hassle. Here are some outdoor plants that are easy to care for and also look great:

  • Succulents: These increasingly popular and easy-going plants thrive in the sun and need very little water.
  • Trees: Provide ample shade with a small- to medium-sized tree of any kind (preferably indigenous).
  • Palm plants: If tropical is what you want, palm plants can deliver. These fast-growing greens can add shade and flair to any pool.
  • Flowers: As broad as this category is, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of varieties of beautiful blooms that can bring color and style to your backyard.

The plant placement is up to you, but ensure you incorporate them into your overall design. Smaller potted plants can live on tabletops or beside your pool’s edge, while trees and palms can be placed toward the corner or your seating area, creating a shaded and comfortable place to enjoy your backyard.

outdoor furnitureUpgrade the area around your pool with beautiful furniture pieces.

Perfect Your Outdoor Lighting for Night Swims

The summer days are long and you should enjoy every second of them — but don’t miss out on potential night swims just because the sun goes down. Keep the fun going late into the evening by finding the perfect outdoor lighting solutions. Good patio lighting can create an outdoor space that builds an intimate ambiance, initiates conversations, brightens outdoor meals (literally) and enhances the use of your pool, no matter the time of day. Create the ultimate staycation with these light options:

String Lights

If string lights only make you think of Christmas, then that mindset simply must be changed! Golden globe lights can make any midnight swim feel like a pool party with their fun and accessible design. If you have a designated seating area for your beautiful patio furniture, hang the lights overhead to brighten up the space. Or, if you have an awning, trellis or pool house nearby the water feature, put the lights up there.

Track Lights

For those who have a covered patio, trellis or pergola, track lighting is an easy-to-install option that looks great. Most track lights can withstand the outdoor elements all year round, and they quickly adjust to brighten or dim as needed to ensure you always have the right amount of light. If you don’t want fixtures that stand out, then these may be the best suited to your needs. It’s easy to put them behind ceiling beams or other architectural features and keep the focus on the pool.

Pendant Lights

Maybe you do want people to see and focus on your pool lights. If so, then hanging pendant lights can achieve that goal. Whether you go with a rustic choice like wicker basket lights or choose a more contemporary option that involves abstract shapes and bright colors, opting for a pendant fixture can bring a chic look to your poolside hangout.

Adding a Fun Entertainment Element

Want to elevate the area around your pool even more? Add an amazing entertainment space to your pool design where you can host backyard BBQs and pool parties. This could be a fire pit where you and your friends can make s’mores, an outdoor television that can have the game on while your family chills in the shade or an outdoor bar area to enjoy a cold drink poolside. Make your yard a space where you want to spend time, both in and out of the pool.

One important element to consider regarding your lights — and any other outdoor design features, actually — is your home’s indoor design. You don’t necessarily have to completely copy and paste your style from indoors to outdoors, but it’s always a good idea to carry the design throughout your entire space, including your backyard. So, if you have super modern light fixtures and furniture inside, maybe lean on the contemporary side with your outdoor style, too.

But, this can be easier said than done. Before you fret over what you want the decor around your swimming pool to look like, get in touch with Decorating Den Interiors. We have the design knowledge to help you achieve the perfect outdoor getaway for you and your family.

Once you’ve contacted our team, we’ll take a step into your home during a consultation. This will give us the opportunity to see your backyard and understand what can be done to make it perfect. You tell us what your dream pool area looks like, and leave the designing up to us!

Ready for your pool area to make a splash? Contact Decorating Den Interiors to get started.

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