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How to decorate around stainless steel appliances


Stainless steel appliances have a way of transforming a dull, lifeless kitchen into a space that’s chic and sophisticated. Not only is this material gorgeous and timeless, it’s also long-lasting, easy to clean and can match most small items like toasters, blenders and mixers, making it easy to coordinate when you’re out shopping for those little kitchen necessities.

And contrary to popular belief, it’s quite simple to decorate around stainless steel appliances as well. Because this material is essentially neutral, you can decorate with any style or sequence you prefer. Whether mid-century modern, transitional or any other style, there’s no reason you can’t be versatile when designing your kitchen around your appliances – just don’t go over the top with the material, designer Michael Schwartz told HGTV.

“It’s quite simple to decorate around stainless steel appliances.”

“Stainless accents are beautiful, but less is more with metal in kitchen designs,” Schwartz said. “You wouldn’t want stainless counters or small appliances in the same design with large pro line stainless pieces, unless you were going for an over-the-top industrial design.”

Here are a few tips for decorating around stainless steel:

Consider your color palette
Whether you’re getting ready to paint the walls or pick out accessories to place throughout your kitchen, picking your color palette should be your top priority. Certainly, there are various shades and hues to choose from, but you should follow a general, consistent theme to keep things cohesive. Consider one of the following color schemes:

Gray is a simple route, since stainless steel has gray undertones. But that doesn’t mean the design will go unnoticed. Accenting with gray will make your kitchen united and tranquil. If you want to make your kitchen come to life with a focal point, add a vibrant bowl of fruits to the middle of the kitchen table.

Place a vibrant fruit basket on the island or kitchen table.Place a vibrant fruit basket on the island or kitchen table.

Black can add an abstract vibe to the kitchen. Paired with various stainless steel appliances and your space will feel more sophisticated and refined than ever before.

Cool colors look appealing against stainless steel, too. Follow this color palette and spread shades of blue, green and purple throughout the kitchen with your tablecloths, napkins, window treatments and more.

Warm tones can turn a kitchen into the most cozy and inviting room in your house. Reds, oranges and yellows in the form of accessories throughout the space will look perfect with your stainless steel appliances.

As you can see, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Consider your own personal style, plus the way you want people to perceive your design when decorating your kitchen.

Complete appliances with natural elements
As stated by Hunker, “natural materials are always a timeless option.” Incorporate natural elements, materials and textures throughout the kitchen in your cabinetry, furniture and wall accents like shiplap and wooden frames. This will help your space with stainless steel appliances feel less sterile and more serene, natural and put together.

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