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How to decorate around the pool

The pool makes a lovely focal point in your backyard, especially during the summer. This spot is often the center of attention when guests come over, encouraging them to make a splash and relax near the water. With this in mind, it's important to create a space that makes it easy for family and friends to get comfortable. The right furniture, accessories and decor can elevate your pool area to the next level, allowing you to create your own backyard oasis.

Need a little help decorating around the swimming spot this summer? Consider these tips:

1. Choose comfortable seating
Beyond the pool, your guests will be most concerned with where they can relax after a nice swim. Provide various seating arrangements in the backyard to encourage family and friends to gather and converse, such as lounge chairs and sectional outdoor sofas. You can also hang a hammock between a few trees for those looking for some peace and quiet to themselves.

"The party doesn't necessarily have to end when the sun goes down."

2. Light the way for nighttime swimming
The party doesn't necessarily have to end when the sun goes down. If you want your guests to stick around for a while, hanging string lights around the patio space can encourage a late-night affair. You can also place citronella candles around the border of the patio area or deck to keep the mosquitos away. These small touches of light will illuminate the space and give it a cool and intimate vibe on those warm summer nights. 

3. Set up a resort-style cabana
When you need a break from the sun and don't want to go inside, a cabana saves the day. This space offers shade and privacy after a swim and makes a stylish resort-like statement in the backyard. For additional flare and seclusion, drape sheer window treatments over the sides.

4. Don't forget the outdoor bar
What's a pool party without a couple of fresh seasonal cocktails – or mocktails – in hand? Wow your guests by dishing out customized drinks at your own outdoor bar. You can do something as simple as using a bar cart filled with cute beverage accessories, glasses and your favorite drinks, or you can go all out with a permanent liquor lounge under the cabana.

Serve cocktails for your guests.Serve cocktails for your guests.

5. Accessorize around a theme
It's always easier to design an outdoor layout when you have a theme in mind. One easy outdoor option is beach style, decorating with soft blue, white and sandy neutrals. Or you can follow a modern outdoor theme with sleek lines and monochromatic decor. Once you have a theme, you may find it easier to pick out throw pillows, outdoor area rugs and tabletop accessories that make the space feel cozier and more inviting.

Decorating around the pool can be intimidating if it's never been an immediate concern of yours. If you need help updating our outdoor living arrangement before your next get-together, call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she can come to your home for a free consultation to discuss your options based on your personal style and trends. The professional will bounce off of the suggestions above and provide more insight that will cater to your wants and needs.

Summer's end will be here before you know it. Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den today to give your backyard the update it needs before fall rolls around!

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