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How to decorate your children’s bathroom

Having multiple bathrooms in your home is a blessing, especially when you have children. There's more room for everyone to get ready, thus saving both time and stress during those hectic weekday mornings and in between weekend activities. Dedicating an entire bathroom to your children also provides an opportunity for creativity in the design department – in fact, you may feel more inclined to step outside of your comfort zone here and let your kids express their own creative freedom during the decorating process.

Whether you're interested in remodeling the children's bathroom or you just moved into a new house and have the extra space for the first time, here are a few tips and tricks for giving the washroom some personality:

Choose a theme with longevity
One thing that tends to mess with the idea of taking on a home redesign project is its ability to stay relevant and trendy over the years. To ensure the space doesn't age as your children do, designer Rachael Sheridan recommended being strategic with your design and decor choices.

"Be strategic with your design and decor choices."

"Stick to colors and themes that will grow with your child," she explained. "If you want to go with branded items, leave those to artwork and changeable items so they can be replaced as your child's interests inevitably change."

A personal decorator can help you discuss trending design schemes that last throughout the years.

Include your kids in the design process
The last thing you want to do is take over your children's bathroom without asking for their input. Whether they're young or in their teen years, including the kids in the redecorating process can make your life easier and can also make them feel better about the new look.

"Ask their opinion, incorporate their favorite colors, and as they get older let them have more control in the decisions," Sheridan said. "They might make unexpected decisions, but letting them express themselves in their surroundings is good for them."

Make store systems a high priority
The bathroom often tends to be the place that can get a little overwhelmed and messy since it's such a small area that sees high traffic daily. Installing efficient storage systems not only encourage easy clean up, but they also have a way of making the room look more sleek and put together.

Choose a design style that can grow with your children.Choose a design style that can grow with your children.

"Incorporate storage systems so all of their hygiene products stay corralled and in a tidy manner," shared Sheridan. "Keep the cleaning methods simple and to the point, so they take care of the cleaning quickly and easily."

A personal decorator can walk you through your storage options and help you pick ones based on the extent of your willingness to remodel the bathroom. There are more easy installation options out there than you think!

With winter just around the corner, now's a great time to consider a new home project. If you're interested in redecorating the bathroom for your children in the near future, contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she can come to your home for a free consultation to discuss your options, go over you – and your kids' ideas – and devise a plan to flip the bathroom with ease. After your meeting, you can feel confident in knowing you'll transform the washroom to fit the personality of your children and flow with the rest of your home.

Interested in making adjustments to a living space? Call a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today to get started on the process.

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