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How to decorate your entryway


Your entryway makes a statement that can define the look of the rest of your home. It’s the second impression your guests get after the initial gaze upon your home’s exterior; it sets the tone for the look and feeling exuded by your living room, kitchen, bedrooms and other gathering spaces around your house.

Because it can make such a major impact, decorating the entryway is a task that shouldn’t fall under the radar — in fact, it’s one that should be on the top of your priority list. While you should keep furniture and decor to a minimum to avoid cluttering the space, you should take advantage of certain colors, patterns and textures that can compensate for the small area you’re working with.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for decorating an entryway:

Design an entryway that flows with the rest of the house.Design an entryway that flows with the rest of the house.

1. Choose a color scheme that complements — or matches — the rest of your home
While this place in your home is the opportune area to make a statement, that doesn’t mean it should stick out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of your house. The entryway tends to flow seamlessly into another room, so choosing a similar color scheme is a critical step to connecting the dots. Remember, this doesn’t mean that it has to follow the same pattern, colors and textures, rather, it should be complementary to the rest of your living space (or at least the first floor.)

2. Play around with patterns and textures, but don’t go overboard
Making that initial unforgettable impression can be easily achievable if you incorporate patterns and textures into a space that could be otherwise dull and forgettable. Just remember: Less is more when it comes to small areas in the home. Something as simple as replacing hardwood floor with something more thrilling and attention-grabbing like sleek and modern tile can make the statement you’re looking for. You can also bounce off of the floor with a cozy, faux fur lounge chair for a relaxing place to sit while you put your shoes on and get ready to leave.

A textured wall can make a major statement in the entryway.A textured wall can make a major statement in the entryway.

3. Have fun with a statement piece
We all know that the easiest way to make a statement is with a piece of artwork, furniture or other accessories that does all of the talking for the room. We suggest taking the risk with a gorgeous chandelier, an attractive centerpiece table, a console table or a stunning chest. Of course, finding the best statement piece for your entryway will rely heavily on the amount of space you have to begin with. The prior suggestions may work best for someone with a large entryway over anyone who has a more narrow space to work with.

A homeowner with a smaller entryway may consider a different route for a statement piece. For example, an exquisite lamp or set of sconces, gorgeous artwork or a large decorative mirror can make a bold statement with little effort.

4. Link up with a personal decorator for further assistance
Decorating a small space can be intimidating, especially if you have various ideas that you think you need to cut back on. If you’re in a state of limbo but you’re anxious to start the revamping process, contact a personal decorating consultant from Decorating Den Interiors.

Decorate with artwork and accessories around the staircase.

We can provide a free in-home consultation, or talk to you over the phone about your ideas, based on your comfort levels during the pandemic. Once we connect you with a design consultant, you can discuss your current ideas and inspiration, ask for guidance and develop a game plan that works best for your living space.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to home redesign, but it all comes down to finding the option that correlates best with your personal style and the allotted space in your home. Contact Decorating Den Interiors today to start the conversation so you can get your entryway in top shape in no time.

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