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How to Design a Retro-inspired Bedroom


Are you a big fan of vintage styles? Good news! Retro-inspired interior design is making a major comeback, so it’s the perfect time to freshen up your bedroom with some classic pieces.

Retro-inspired design can come from any prior decade — whether you love the 60s, ’70s or ’80s, the possibilities are endless! If you’re unsure where to get started, your bedroom is an ideal location since you can experiment and rearrange decor to fit your desired aesthetic.

Read on and discover our five tips for nailing the vintage look in your bedroom:

1. Choose a decade for inspiration — but don’t feel boxed in by it

To get started, it’s easiest to choose a specific decade for reference. Each decade has unique colors, patterns and trends associated with it. If you’re a big fan of the ’70s, you’ll probably prefer bright floral patterns with pops of orange, red and yellow. Or, you might stick with interesting shapes for decor and furniture. This is an easy way to start building your specific bedroom “look.” However, if you fall in love with a mid-century modern chair, don’t be afraid to incorporate it! Your perfect retro-inspired bedroom is the one that fits your needs and style — even if it’s not 100% accurate.

Choose pieces with different shapes to get a retro look.Choose pieces with different shapes to get a retro look.

2. Play with color

Colors can easily shift the tone and vibe of a room to fit the desired look, so why not take advantage of that? Popular retro colors include deep warm tones, such as mustard yellow, orange and red. Similarly, cool-toned green, blue and white can also be incorporated for a fun retro contrast.

3. Don’t be afraid of animal prints

An easy way to transition your room from a modern aesthetic into a vintage masterpiece is to experiment with pops of animal print. This can be as small as a leopard print pillow or as big as a statement area rug. Both throw us back into a classic vintage style where animal print reigned supreme.

4. Patterns, patterns, patterns

Fun patterns were mainstays of retro interior decor. If you want to transform your bedroom into a ’60s or ’70s space, take a look at floral and psychedelic patterns that can liven up your design. These pieces don’t all need to match, but choosing similar color schemes can help build a cohesive retro-inspired look. If you’re worried about going overboard, just take a step back and stick to one pattern at a time.

Mixing patterns is very retro and a great way to show your creativity.Mixing patterns is very retro — and a great way to show your creativity.

5. Mix and match textures

When you think of vintage style, your mind often goes to shag carpets and silk sheets — and those would both be great options for a retro-inspired bedroom. Finding a fun mix of textures can help nail that vintage look you’re hoping for. This means choosing furniture, decor pieces and art that accentuates those materials. Keep an eye out for unique textures like shag, knit, silk, faux fur and velvet.

Love velvet and faux fur and silk? Go for it with your retro-inspired bedroom!Love velvet and faux fur and silk? Go for it with your retro-inspired bedroom!

6. Reach out to a Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator

A lot can go into sprucing up your bedroom’s interior design — especially if you’re aiming for a specific retro-inspired look. Let Decorating Den Interiors help you get the bedroom of your dreams with classic pieces that’ll transport you right to the decade you’re hoping for. We offer expert assistance from a personal decorator that can achieve your design goals.

Once you reach out, one of our design consultants will meet you at your home for a complimentary consultation for your bedroom or whichever room you want to redesign. Together, the personal decorator will get to know you, your personal style preferences and your home to build a design plan for your space. When the plan is finalized, your decorator will get started on your design project!

Excited to start your design journey? Contact Decorating Den Interiors today!

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