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How To Design Your Home for Hosting


Whether you love having friends over or are the designated family Christmas location, it’s beneficial to create a space that’s inviting to guests. While people will love to come over and hang out with you no matter what, there are best practices and design tips you can consider to ensure their stay is the best it can be.

Want to learn how to design your home for hosting? Get a pen and paper to take notes, and let’s begin!

entrywayYour entryway is the first thing people see, so make it welcoming.

Make Your Entryway Breathtaking

Besides your front door, the entryway is the first thing guests will see when they come inside. Make them feel comfortable by creating a super inviting entry room or foyer. Use bright colors and pleasant decor to liven up the space. And include some items that will show how considerate you are, including hooks for jackets and purses, seating for guests to remove their footwear and a rug to wipe their shoes on and keep their feet warm. On top of being welcoming to guests, your entryway should also have that “wow” factor. Impress family and friends with your sense of style by including a gorgeous chandelier and a beautifully accessorized cabinet by the main entrance.

A cozy space to sit will make your guests feel at home.

Have Plenty of Seating

Think about how your guests will use your space and include lots of furnishing options where they’ll likely spend the most time. From sofas and chaise lounges to poofs and recliners, there are several options when it comes to having enough places for your guests to kick their feet up. Don’t leave anyone standing uncomfortably without a place to sit by using the space wisely and strategically placing accommodations throughout the house.

Set the Mood: Use Ample Lighting

A great lighting fixture can make or break any room, so ensure you have the right lighting based on each room’s usage and needs. For instance, the kitchen should include bright lights over the island and slightly softer lighting hung above your dining room table. But, your living room should have a range of brightness options for different activities. Have some lamps you can click on for movie watching and overhead lights that can shine when playing board games or reading. Avoid having one harsh light you’re forced to use in every situation.

Your kitchen island is a useful place for extra seating and serving space.

Utilize Your Kitchen Island

If your dining room table isn’t necessarily built for large crowds, set up an overflow table on your kitchen island. This ensures that everyone can still see each other and speak without yelling from a different room while filling their tummies. You can also use the island to have guests serve themselves buffet-style to create an organized traffic flow through the room — just ensure things are within reach of younger family members. Lastly, the kitchen island can provide extra counter space for a large meal prep station.

A guest room will ensure your family or friends have a restful night.

Always Have a Guest Space Ready

Whether you’re sure people are spending the night or not, it’s always a safe bet to have a guest room ready and available in case the evening runs longer than expected. The best hosts always have additional space and a warm bed to sleep in for guests (pull-out and air mattresses included). Have clean bedding, towels and toiletries on hand and invest in a comfy guest bed setup to ensure anyone staying the night can sleep soundly and has everything they need. If you have the space, it’s also beneficial to have side tables, bookshelves, chairs and any other furniture that will make the space feel even more like home.

Get Professional Help From Decorating Den Interiors

There’s a fine line between a home that’s suitable for guests and one that’s overly crowded with unnecessary furniture. Stay on the right side by getting a personal decorator to help you. At Decorating Den Interiors, we know what makes people tick, and we can use that knowledge to create a space that hits the mark each and every time.

From soothing colors to the perfect guest bathroom, working with a personal decorator can ensure you mark off all the necessary boxes for the ideal hosting space. Just reach out to one of our designers to get started!

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