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How to develop a creative space for young learners


The playroom can be one of the most exciting home renovation projects. Using the influence of your children’s personalities paired with key necessities that will keep them busy, you can easily develop an artistic space that’s fun, stylish and functional. This room should foster creativity and imagination, so it’s important to keep this in mind during the design process. At the same time, it’s critical to choose furniture, decorations, colors and themes that can age with your little ones.

After brainstorming with your children or coming up with your own ideas based on their personal traits, consider the following ideas for developing a creative space for your young learners:

To theme or not to theme
You might be inclined to choose a theme based on the cartoon character or zoo animal your little one gravitates toward at the moment, but you have to think about the future. Will your kids still want to gather in a playroom that doesn’t age with them? Since their tastes are going to change faster than you can imagine, you may want to stick to a general color palette instead.

“You may want to stick to a general color theme.”

A room bursting at the seams with color is the perfect way to foster imagination and get the creative juices flowing. You can follow gender-specific hues if you please, but gender-neutral options like a primary color theme, black and white or abstract shades can make a statement without becoming outdated in years to come.

Create distinctive areas of activity and learning
You know how quickly your kids can get bored, so make sure this room doesn’t present boredom as an option. To ensure they stay occupied and have a great time spending hours in this space, consider creating specific areas around the room for learning and playing. For instance, you can set up a desk or table with paper and writing utensils to encourage the kids to get artistic. You can also develop a reading nook that showcases all of their favorite books alongside a comfortable lounge chair. Creating these distinctive spaces will keep your kids occupied and help you stay sane, as it encourages more organization in the playroom.

Encourage kids to get creative on the walls
While drawing on the walls is usually frowned upon, a playroom with a chalkboard wall allows kids to get rebellious and creative while expressing themselves outside of their comfort zones.

Decorating Den InteriorsA chalkboard wall makes a creative touch in the playroom.

Make sure there’s plenty of storage space
With all of the toys and accessories the playroom holds, creating storage areas around the space will help you keep things in order. Make use of shelving systems in the closet to store bulky toys that take up a lot of space on the floor. You can also invest in furniture with cubbies that make storing tiny trinkets simple.

No matter which ideas you end up using for the playroom, you may consider contacting a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors before you dive in. He or she can come over and provide a free consultation based on your allotted space and design ideas. From there, you can discuss the aspects you want to feature in the playroom and develop a plan to ensure the job gets done. At this time, you may even consider bringing the kids along for the conversation! Your design consultant can come up with fun ideas based on your kids’ interests and wishes for the new room.

So what are you waiting for? Call a personal decorator from Decorating Den today to get started on the creative space today!

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