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How to Invest in Your Home’s Seasonal Decor


How to Invest in Your Home’s Seasonal Decor

If you’re somebody who enjoys decorating for the fall and winter seasons, then you probably understand how expensive it can be to transition your home’s design away from bright summer decor. Autumn decorations can consist of Halloween ghosts and vibrant orange pumpkins, and winter brings cheery snowmen and Christmas trees in dark greens. But, purchasing all of these seasonal items can add up very quickly!

There’s a way to transform your home for the later months without breaking the bank — and these decor items can last throughout the year, as well. Learn how to work smarter (not harder) to prepare your home for fall and winter and spend less money in the long run. Follow these tips to get started:

Stay away from holiday-specific decor

It may be fun to have spooky bats, witches and jack-o-lanterns for the autumn, or festive snowflakes, candy canes and Santas for winter, but these holiday-specific items can be used only for a short window of time during the colder seasons. These decorations are nice to incorporate into your room’s design but quickly become irrelevant when those holidays are over. Plus, these types of trinkets can be expensive, even if you’re purchasing them at the end of a season when they may be on sale.

Invest in flexible decor that can be used throughout the fall and winter.

Get adjustable seasonal items

Instead of spending a lot of money on holiday decorations, invest in more neutral and flexible decor items that can be used throughout the fall and winter seasons. For example, warm-toned blankets and throw pillows in your living room can easily transition into winter (and even throughout the spring and summer, as well). Then, in winter, you can mix silvers and golds among the warm tones or sprinkle in hints of blues, too.

The goal of using less specific decoration ideas is to make your beautiful seasonal items a more permanent part of your overall design. If you love your warm tints for fall but are moving into the Christmas season, why not keep them up during winter? This creates more time for you to enjoy your decor throughout all the wonderful parts of multiple holiday seasons while achieving  a more sustainable home design.

Decor Ideas That Work for Fall and Winter

On top of using versatile colors during the fall and winter seasons, here are some decorations that can easily be used throughout the colder months without having to be packed into a box in the basement:


A basic green wreath is a beautiful staple for front doors, walls or above fireplace mantles. For autumn, you can use leaves or warm-colored ribbon, then switch those out for holly or a red bow for the winter season. On top of that, you could also use this item in the spring and summer by incorporating seasonal flowers or bright colors.

Greenery is a great fall and winter addition to your home.


Whether you have a green thumb or not, a houseplant or a green garland is an extremely beautiful decor option that can easily be used throughout the fall and winter. Some easy houseplants to care for include snake plants, pothos and philodendrons. If you’re not inclined to care for living greenery, fake plants are another option that can look beautiful in your home.

Wooden decor

In general, anything made of wood — clocks, platters, bowls, etc. — not only works with and matches most decor, but also adds elegance and class to your seasonal design. Place wooden knick-knacks on your coffee table or fill a wooden bowl with glass baubles, set it on your mantle and voila! You now have an easy-to-transition piece that you may decide to keep up all year round.

There are so many other sustainable seasonal decoration ideas to choose from, but you don’t have to make the decisions all by yourself. Decorating Den Interiors will pair you with a personal decorator who will visit your home and get to know you and your personal style — all for free. Then, they’ll come up with a plan to add seasonal staples to your home’s design.

If you’re excited and ready to revamp your fall and winter decor with Decorating Den, contact us to get started!

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