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How to make your guest room comfortable


Whether it’s family or friends, you want your guests to be comfortable when visiting you. While you may not be able to provide exactly the same amenities as a four-star hotel, you can design a guest room that’s the next best thing to being at home – or even better. With a few key elements, you can go beyond just providing a bed and a place to stash a suitcase to provide an environment that makes people excited to visit and spend time in your house. Here are the pieces that should be found in your guest room:

Extra bedding
We all know somebody that gets cold whenever it dips below 80 degrees, as well as somebody else who is only comfortable in temperatures that would be better suited for a penguin. Instead of trying to figure out the perfect custom bedding situation to make both of them happy, it’s much easier to keep a couple extra sheets and blankets handy in a closet. That way, no matter what sort of internal body temperature your guests have, they’ll be able to sleep comfortably without having to creak through the house looking for a quilt.

An end table
Having a place for visitors to place their cell phone, watch and contact lenses case while they sleep is a must. Just like you have an end table next to your bed where you’re able to store all of those odds and ends, your guests should have the same. Leave some recent issues of magazines or an interesting novel there too, so they have something to read if they wake up early and don’t want to disturb you.

Different lighting options
Overhead lighting can be harsh, especially late at night or early in the morning. Adding both a bedside lamp and a floor lamp to the room gives your visitors plenty of options for whatever activity they might wind up doing. That way, if they want to get up early – or stay up late – they can do so without flooding the entire house with light and keeping everybody else up. It’s as much a benefit for you as it is for them.

Fresh flowers
Travel can be exhausting and dull. After hours spent in planes, trains and automobiles, being greeted by a vase of fresh flowers can be just the pick-me-up a visitor needs. Plus, they smell fantastic and can add a seasonal touch to the room. Bonus points if they just happen to be your guest’s favorite kind!

Any relevant information
Everybody who comes to your house probably tends to ask you the same questions. “What is the wifi password?” “How does the coffee machine work?” “If I were going to go for a walk, what’s the best route to take?” Save yourself some time by writing down this important information and leaving a copy in the room. A handy packet with vital details along with menus from local restaurants provides every visitor with critical knowledge while saving you from repeating the same speech time and time again.

Add a desk to your guest room. Add a desk to your guest room.

A desk
If your guest is going to be staying with you for more than a couple of days, she might wind up needing to get a little bit of work done. If there is a desk in the guest room, she can work from there instead of having to schlep down to the nearest coffee shop. Pair it with a comfortable chair and place it by a window, and it’ll be a perfect spot to catch up on emails. Even if your visitor doesn’t have work to do, this cozy little nook will be a nice place for her to read a novel or simply watch the world go by.

Storage and hooks
Living out of a suitcase for days at a time can be tedious and uncomfortable. Help your guests out by providing a storage place for all of their clothes and toiletries. Make sure to clear some closet space and provide a few hangers for any garments they might have brought. Hooks are another great way to provide a place for your guest’s things to hang – they also serve as a decorative touch.

By working with an interior decorating consultant from Decorating Den Interiors, you can locate and put together just the right pieces to make your guests feel comfortable and at home in your house. The only problem you might run into is getting them to leave once they experience how wonderful your guest room is!

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