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How to pull off a black and white color scheme in your home


A black and white color scheme can be unique and elegant when used in any room in your home. It’s a dramatic statement, yet the contrast between the two opposing colors is pleasing to the eye.

Of course, a purely black and white palette can be difficult to master if you don’t know how to properly execute it. Here are our tips for balancing the dark and light in your home:

Use black as an accent

Inky tones are deep, dark and mysterious. However, an entirely black room can be disorienting. Using this hue as an accent color is the perfect way to pull off this stunning color scheme.

Opt for pure white or ivory walls to begin and choose accents from there. A black leather couch can be the perfect staple piece in a living room, or a sleek coal bed frame is ideal for the main bedroom. The best thing about using these two colors is that a variety of furniture, accessories and decor are typically made with black and white being the standard.

Consider using it in smaller spaces

Although this style can be used in any area of your home, The Spruce recommends using it in smaller rooms like the mudroom or bathroom. This is because these spaces lend themselves better to being two-tone. For instance, a bathroom can have black and white tiles, dark marble countertops, porcelain fixtures and snow white towels.

In a larger living area, like the kitchen, it can be harder to truly stick to these two colors because of all the accessories needed. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. White dishware and cabinets set against dark countertops is a stunning look for those who are committed to this style.

A black and white color scheme can add a modern feel.

Don’t forget to use patterns

The beautiful thing about this duel color scheme is both black and white come in a variety of shades, applications and patterns that can all make a space feel different. Whether it’s wallpaper, linens, accessories or decor, patterns are an ideal way to bring some personality to a space that could end up feeling lackluster without it.

Animal prints like zebra or leopard are perfect for this color scheme if patterns inspired by nature are something you are drawn to. However, stripes, polka dots and even florals can come in these two colors and provide extra depth to the space of your choosing.

Add texture

As beautiful as this color scheme looks, it can easily feel two-dimensional or sterile without adding texture. HGTV suggests adding carpets, throw pillows and plush seating options or blankets around the space to make it more aesthetically pleasing. These additions can instantly make a room feel warm, but they aren’t the only textures to consider.

Wicker, natural rope and lacquered tables are some other materials to consider that add more feeling to a space.

Executing a black and white color scheme in your home might feel intimidating at first, so it might be best to bring in a personal decorator who has experiences with all kinds of palettes and personal preferences. The professional designers at Decorating Den Interiors know what it takes to use these dramatically different colors in one space and make it look timeless.

Our design experts are now available for an in-person free consultation, however, they can also be reached over the phone. They are looking forward to discussing your desires and ideas for a black and white statement space in your home.

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