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How to revamp your living space for spring: Part 2 [Video]

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another video from Decorating Den Interiors!

In part 1 of our series, we talked about how to get your living room ready for spring. Now, let’s focus on your kitchen.

After you’ve worked with your interior designer from Decorating Den Interiors to find a dining table that caters to your needs and contributes to your overall design theme, decorate it with an organic touch. A vase of pansies, lilacs, daffodils or tulips will emphasize the natural beauty of the season and complement a pastel color scheme.

Then, work with your interior designer to go bold by adding stunning wallpaper to your kitchen. Soft green or blue wall coverings, for example, will represent the emerging plant life and introduce a subtle liveliness to your space.

Well, that’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next time!

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