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How to spruce up your front entryway for spring

The front entryway of your home makes the first impression on guests, neighbors and passers-by. Now that spring has arrived and the last remnants of snow have subsided, there's no excuse to neglect this space. More people will be driving, walking and jogging past your home, so you need to put forth the effort and make the front entryway just as endearing and welcoming as the rest of your living space.

Take advantage of the seasonal splendor and spruce up your entryway this spring, using nature as your inspiration. With a few helpful hints, you can transform your outdoor space and give your neighbors something to talk about.

Here are a few ways to liven up your front entryway this season:

1. Upgrade the stairs and railings
If your stairs and railings are outdated and make the rest of the space look uninviting, now's the time for an upgrade. A more modern finish on both pieces can bring the front entryway back to life. If you'd rather not turn this into a large project, just spruce up your current setup. A fresh coat of paint or perhaps even just an arrangement of fresh flowers can transform the stairwell.

Embrace natural greenery to refresh the entryway.Embrace natural greenery to refresh the entryway.

2. Hang new light fixtures
Beyond functionality, lighting can make or break the mood of your front entryway. If the single pendant light fixture isn't doing it for you any more, consider a different style, such as sconces. You may even string lights through the stairway railing as a way to guide guests up to your home with flare.

3. Add a new piece of furniture
According to Homedit, a bright, beautiful bench is a necessity for the front entryway – if space allows for it, of course. If you don't have enough room to accommodate a full bench, add a small chair with a stool that acts as a side table.

"Don't forget to hang a gorgeous springtime wreath on the front door!"

4. Embrace the natural surrounding elements
What better way to welcome springtime with open arms than by embracing the natural surrounding elements in your front entryway decor? Plant fresh, seasonal flowers in the flower bed, place potted plants near the doorway and pick up a few hanging arrangements from the local florist as well. And don't forget to hang a gorgeous springtime wreath on the front door! This is a simple way to freshen up your entryway, just make sure you maintain the greenery regularly.

5. Don't forget the welcome decor
Beyond the natural features, don't forget about the accent pieces that complete the entryway. A welcome mat that greets guests at the door, or a sign that can be seen from the edge of your driveway can emphasize the inviting oasis you want to achieve from the outside of your home.

While a small space, the entryway can also be rather intimidating if you've never decorated it before. To ensure you take on the task flawlessly, connect with a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she will come to your home to evaluate the space and make suggestions based on the style you're trying to achieve. From there, you can work together to develop a plan that transforms the entryway into the most beautiful first impression ever made. Who knows, maybe you'll inspire the rest of your neighbors to pay more attention to their own front porches, enhancing the curb appeal all over your street!

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