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How to turn your bedroom into a lavish getaway


There’s nothing quite like staying in a luxurious hotel suite – the comforting atmosphere really has a way with helping you forget about all of the stress and worries of life. But what if you could feel the same way in your own bedroom? It might already be the place you go to unwind, but with a few adjustments in the design, you can turn it into the resort of your dreams.

Creating a bedroom that’s similar to a lavish getaway is easier than you think. Just get in touch with a Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator. He or she can help you turn the following design ideas into a reality:

Cover your bed in lush toss pillows.Cover your bed in lush throw pillows.

Invest in your comfort
Your sleeping arrangement should be the focal point of your space – after all, it is your bedroom – and that means maximizing on comfort. But don’t only invest in cozy comforter set with matching pillow shams. Cover your bed in throw pillows. Elle Décor said it’s one of the easiest way to transform your room from everyday drab to hotel-luxury fab.

Use multiple lighting fixtures
Relying on your overhead light fixture may provide necessary lighting for the room, but it won’t add the elegance you’re trying to achieve. Freshome suggested investing in multiple sources of light to illuminate the soothing environment you’re going for. Fill the room with a variety of table and floor lamps and invest in a new, serene chandelier – preferably one with a dimmer to make intimate adjustments.

Decorate with calming hues
Think about the last spa you visited. The walls and décor in serene environments, such as a resort or health club, generally stray away from bright, loud colors. To channel the same peaceful feel in your bedroom, stick to decorating with a calm color palette. Hues found in nature, such as soft greens, pale blues and sandy tans can help you achieve the calm and collected aura you crave in a luxurious setting.

Decorate your bedroom with calming hues.Decorate your bedroom with calming hues.

Create a seating area
Most hotel rooms offer more than just a bed for furniture, and your room deserves the same treatment. Apartment Therapy said creating a seating area in your bedroom is equally comfortable and luxurious, and provides the perfect spot to curl up with a book before you lay down for bed. A lush chaise would make the ideal piece of furniture in an elegant retreat.

Reorganize your surfaces
For most, the open space on top of a nightstand, vanity and chest means one thing: easy-access storage. Unfortunately, that will only make your bedroom look messy and cluttered. Clear these surfaces and move your belongings to a stylish shelving unit or stow it away in the closet. Remember: A clean and serene bedroom will be nothing short of satisfying.

Once you’re ready to turn your bedroom into the sanctuary of your dreams, contact a Decorating Den Interiors design consultant and book your free in-home consultation. He or she will assess the space and help you come up with an appropriate design agenda.

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