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How to use natural textures throughout your space


There’s something so cozy and inviting about using natural textures throughout your home in decor and design. Using elements like wood, stone, clay, mud and other materials inspired by the environment can liven up any room.

Bringing the outside in is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your house, no matter what time of year it is. Here are a few ways to use natural textures throughout your space:

Stone countertops

Stone countertops bring the colors, veins and speckles of the earth’s minerals to life, as stated by This Old House. Consider placing them in the kitchen, bathroom or both.This is a simple yet subtle way to incorporate earthen beauty into your home design.

Distressed wood furniture

Wooden accents in the form of living or dining room furniture make for a rustic yet elegant statement throughout the house. It’s a more rugged take on traditional style that embraces the outdoors for all its worth. Try a farmhouse table in the kitchen, dining area or entryway of your home.

“Leather – a timeless texture.”

Leather chairs and sofas

Leather – a timeless texture that turns any room into a chic and sophisticated space. Leather sofas and chairs can add a fun and traditional yet modern touch to your living areas. Place a leather lounge chair in your office or entryway as an endearing statement piece.

Marble accents

Marble home decor is trendier than ever, according to StyleCaster, and it stands as a great way to embrace natural textures throughout your space. Whether you’re in love with marble coffee tables and desks, or you’d rather take advantage of bowls, lamps, candle holders and other accessories, there are dozens of ways to utilize this material. Even plates, cutting boards and flatware with marbleized design make a sophisticated statement in the kitchen.

Natural foliage

Greenery was all the rage in 2017 according to the Spruce, but we believe the trend of decorating with natural foliage throughout your home will continue on. From fresh flower arrangements to winding vines and shrubbery, you can embrace the great outdoors year-round and play with different accents in various rooms. Fill pillar holders with candles wrapped in green sprigs – real or fake – for the perfect centerpiece. A mantle adorned with a small eucalyptus tree looks as captivating as its natural fragrance. Succulents are popular as ever, and they can be placed near any window in your home to create a modern and refreshing indoor garden. You can even go simple and place fresh flowers throughout the house. Your options are endless.

Clay accessories

Place greenery in clay pots to maximize the use of natural textures in an efficient space. Clay is a beautiful option that can easily bring the outdoors into any room in your home in a subtle yet endearing way.

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