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How to warm your decor up for autumn


It’s hard to believe that summer’s end is near, but that just means it’s almost time to enjoy all of the splendor fall has to offer. Soon, you’ll be wearing knitted sweaters, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes and getting cozy around the fireplace. Your daily habits and activities aren’t the only things subject to change – now’s a great time to think about how you’ll mix up your home design and decor to transition into the new season. It’s important to warm up your space and make it equally homey and inviting for your family members and guests.

It’s time you say farewell to summer and hello to autumn. Here are a few ways to change up your design scheme just in time for the new season:

Start with the color palette
The cool, vibrant hues worked great during the summer, but it’s time to warm things up. Consider a palette inspired by the natural colors of the new season, such as deep red, burnt orange and chocolate brown. You can make use of this color in your window treatments, throw pillows and perhaps even the furniture. A room full of comforting colors is the first step to matching the outdoor atmosphere and making the space more comfortable and inviting.

Layer textures like layered clothing
Fall weather offers the perfect opportunity to layer clothing, making a stylish fashion statement. Give your rooms the same treatment by playing with textures and layering them throughout the space. It’s simple to accomplish – just place a few decorative pillows throughout your seating areas and drape a knitted throw blanket over the couch, chair or ottoman in the living room. Not only will this add some character to your space, it’ll invite guests to get snug during their visit.

Decorating DenLayer your furniture with textural throw pillows and blankets.

Use area rugs to make things more cozy
Offering maximum comfort around your seating arrangements is key, but don’t stop there. Step your cozy levels up another notch by filling your home with fun area rugs. Not only will this bring charm to the decor, it’ll provide warmth during the colder months of fall and winter. Consider different patterns and textures to disperse throughout your home as additional layers of decor. Handwoven wool or plaid rugs make the perfect option for fall, or you can get really creative and opt for faux fur.

Don’t forget autumn accents
Fall offers so much opportunity to decorate with festive accessories. Don’t stop with the throw pillows and blankets – take it to the wall with a few pieces of art inspired by nature. You can also incorporate fresh autumn accents with seasonal inspired decor like artificial leaves, apples, berries and pumpkins placed in vases. These earthy tones can complete the fall feel you’re going for.

Candles are another great accent for fall. Fill your home with candles of all shapes and sizes – and preferably in scents reminiscent to a crisp fall night or a day at the apple orchard.

If you’re having trouble making these design changes on your own, don’t fret – a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can give you the help you need. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to assess the space and go over your ideas. From there, you can develop a plan of action and start transforming your house into a cozy fall oasis!

Don’t let your summer decor stick around for too long. Contact a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors to get the ball rolling!

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