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How to welcome spring into your home with open arms


By the end of a cold, dreary winter, you’re more than ready for the season of spring. No more bundling up in various layers, shoveling the driveway and heating the car in the morning – instead, you’re waking up to sunshine, opening the windows and breathing in the fresh air, newly cut grass and blooming flowers.

Beyond all of the time you’ll spend outside, giving this lovely season the proper entrance into your living space is a must. As the temperatures start to rise, you’ll be more than delighted to welcome spring into your house with open arms. Here are a few simple ways to make that happen:

Take care of the spring cleaning

If you haven’t already taken care of this task, now’s the perfect time to put in some elbow grease and spring clean your home. Beyond general sanitizing, mopping, vacuuming and cleansing, take this opportunity to purge and reorganize. Get rid of all of the loose papers stacked up in the home office, donate the clothes that haven’t left your closet in a year and encourage your children to go through their belongings and get organized. This is a great time to consider investing in new shelving or a custom storage unit if you need help keeping things in place.

Bring the outdoors inside

The flowers are blossoming and the grass is getting greener outside, so why not bring that same liveliness indoors? Invest in new potted plants, flowers and indoor trees and spread them throughout your house. Indoor greenery is beneficial for the mind, body and soul, and it’s a great decor touch that can complete the style and atmosphere of your space!

Small living area with couch, ottoman, plants, lamps, flowers.Place a few potted plants throughout your space.

Embrace bright colors

Winter was all about warmth, making rooms more cozy with deep, dark hues. Now’s the time to embrace change and bring brighter colors into your home. Pastel shades, such as millennial pink, lavender and robin’s egg blue are perfect for the season. You can spread them throughout your home in the form of tabletop accessories and accent decor.

Use lighter bedding

Gone are the days of getting in bed with a shiver thanks to the bitter temperatures of winter. This season, you won’t need the wool socks, heavy blankets and flannel sheets. Instead, take advantage of lighter bedding. Not only will it make your sleep more comfortable, but a new set of sheets, complemented by throw blankets and an upgraded comforter, is the perfect way to liven up the mood in your bedroom.

Let the natural light shine in

The days are getting longer; the springtime sun rises before you wake up and goes down long after dinner time. Take advantage of this natural lighting throughout your home by investing in sheers. This style of window treatment offers enough privacy without taking away from the natural beauty of the outdoors. Plus, it can help you save on electricity because you won’t have to turn on the lights until much later in the evening. Stylish, functional and efficient – what more could you ask for?

No matter how you decide to transform your home just in time for spring, you might need a little help along the way. That’s when a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors comes in handy. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your space and ideas and provide suggestions based on your conversation. Your personal decorator can ensure your spring decor ideas come to life.

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