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How to work spring’s trending colors into your bedroom: Part 2 [Video]

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In part 1 of our series, we talked about a couple of effective ways to introduce spring colors to your bedroom.

Another easy update is adding visually stimulating wallcoverings. This is a great way to bring more texture to your room through head-turning patterns. You can also make a statement with bright shades that bring a sense of energy to the area. Work with your Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator to establish a color palette that freshens up your space and contributes to your overall design theme.

You can increase the comfort and boost visual appeal of your bedroom with a stylish area rug as well. Make sure that it fits your existing design theme and color palette. Your personal decorator will assist you in finding a shape, color and material that complements the rest of your decor while adding a sense of vibrancy!

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