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How window treatments can complete a room


Using blinds in your windows may offer a sense of privacy from your neighborhood, but window treatments can provide extra comfort and bring style and sophistication into your home. Not only a functional factor, window treatments are an accessory that can completely transform a room, giving it more depth, character and coziness. Window treatments offer the perfect opportunity to express your personal style and make a room feel more complete.

But choosing the right option for your windows takes time, thought and effort. You can’t just throw throw sheers into any room, and you certainly shouldn’t opt for honeycomb shades as your only option around the house. To complete each room with a set of window treatments, you need to consider each room’s theme, purpose, style and level of acquired privacy.

Before you dress your windows in any standard option, consider the following tips for choosing the perfect treatments:

Keep the purpose of each room in mind

You can’t just rush to the store and purchase a set of window treatments solely by the way they look. You first need to assess all windows in your house and make treatment decisions based on the purpose of each room. All of the spaces in your home are meant for something different, and that means you’ll need to explore different types of window treatments as well.

For instance, you likely want the bedroom to be dark and dimly lit since it’s mostly made for resting, so a set of room-darkening curtains make most sense here. A room that thrives off of natural light, such as the home office or living room, can use a beautiful set of sheers. In the bathroom – where you need privacy and solitude – you can get away with honeycomb shades, which block little light but offer total privacy.

Be mindful of the type of window treatments you want based on each room's purpose.Be mindful of the type of window treatments you want based on each room’s purpose.

Choose color and style wisely

Just like you need to consider the purpose of your rooms before purchasing your window treatments, the style and color should complement the room’s existing theme. If you’re a fan of pattern and texture, this is your opportunity to go wild and make a statement. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can choose a neutrally toned set of window treatments that balance the room out.

Keep in mind that you also need to purchase curtain rods and must to be mindful of style here as well. This is a simple task that can make or break the flow and character you’re trying to achieve.

Hire a personal decorator for help

While choosing a set of window treatments based on the purpose and character of each room in your home seems like a simple task, it can be difficult to complement your space correctly if you’re feeling lost. Have no fear, however – you don’t have to take care of this simple yet statement-making task on your own. A personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can lend a helping hand.

He or she will come to your home for a free consultation. During this meeting, the design consultant will take a look at your windows, assess your living space and go over any ideas you might already have. From there, your designer will provide suggestions based on what he or she thinks will look best in all of your rooms.

Window treatments can certainly complete a room, but only when executed in the right way. If you’re ready to give your windows a much-needed makeover, contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today.