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Incorporate these appealing storage options in your bedroom


Now, more than ever, home redecorating projects are on the rise. Homeowners are spending more time inside, which translates into more time pondering the various ways they can transform and bring new life to their living spaces.

If you’re spending more of your days cooped up inside with lots of free time, why not take the opportunity to get ahead with your spring cleaning? Organizing your bedroom is one of many ways to pass the time and feel productive in the moment, and there are plenty of storage options that are discrete, stylish and fully functional that you can incorporate into your current arrangement.

Here are some of our favorite storage options to consider around the bedroom:

1. Vertical storage choices
Wall space is great for art and decor, but functional storage shelving is another opportunity to take advantage of the vertical space in your room while also putting your personality on display. Showcase stylish pieces like jewelry and accessories, books and photographs, or any other items that flow with your personal style and the look and feel of your bedroom.

2. A storage headboard
A headboard is one of the best focal pieces of the bedroom, but it doesn’t only have to be for show – you can find an option that offers both hidden and exposed storage areas. There are various choices on the market that use the front of the headboard as a shelf, perfect for storing lamps, alarm clocks, your personal items and other cute accessories. Some headboards are also hollow with side cubbies so you can be more discrete while storing your personal items.

3. A bed frame with drawers
While we’re on the topic of your sleeping space, why not consider a bed frame with drawers? This is perfect for someone who prefers minimalism and doesn’t want to clutter the room with a dresser. Or, these drawers can be used for discrete storage – you can place accessories that would normally live in the closet here, or perhaps you can save the space for your hobbies; books, art supplies, yarn and knitting needles can be easily accessed when you want to relax and work in bed. If you don’t have a bed frame with drawers, you can place an ottoman at the foot of the bed as replacement storage opportunity.

A bed frame with drawers can be used for clothing or other accessories and trinkets.A bed frame with drawers can be used for clothing or other accessories and trinkets.

4. Storage systems in the closet
When you think about the closet of one of your favorite celebrities, what’s the one feature you adore beyond the amount of space they have? It’s likely the storage system that makes everything look so sleek and organized. The great news is virtually anyone can do this within their own living space – all you need is a personal decorator to evaluate your home and help you create the perfect customized option to fit your closet and support your wants and needs.

More time spent inside means an opportunity to remain productive and get your living space in order. If you need a little assistance before you start the process, contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interior. He or she can provide you with tips and tricks over the phone or can come to your home for a free consultation. During your meeting, whether virtual or in-person, you can discuss your own ideas and feed off of some of the professional insight of your design consultant to create the picture-perfect blueprint for your new and improved – and freshly organized – bedroom.

With plenty of time on your hands, now’s a great time to mix things up in your home. Contact a personal decorating expert from Decorating Den Interiors today!