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Incorporating mixed metals in your home decor


How you choose to decorate your home generally comes down to personal taste, industry trends and expert advice. Those looking to make a modern yet timeless design statement that can take your home up a notch on the scale of sophistication should consider mixed metals.

From bronze and brass to nickel and chrome, there are so many different combinations to try that can help you transform a space in your home from outdated to state-of-the-art stylish. Whether you want to redecorate the kitchen, change up the dining room or revamp any other room in your house, mixed metals are a scheme to consider. Here’s what you need to know about this trend before taking the plunge:

What are mixed metals?
In home design, mixing metals sounds just as its name implies — working with multiple metallics in furnishings, appliances, design details and more to create a gorgeous, chromatic scene in your living space. According to Invaluable, the most commonly used metals in home design include:

  • Warm metals: Brass, copper and gold
  • Cool metals: Aluminum, stainless steel and silver
  • Neutral metals: Cast iron and other black metals

When mixing metals, it’s generally recommended to choose warm or cool, then mix with neutral. However, a mix of warm and cool is possible when you pick a dominant metal from one group.

The kitchen is a classic room to incorporate silver and cast iron.The kitchen is a classic room to incorporate silver and cast iron.

How should I use mixed metals?
If you like the idea of mixing metals in your home but you’re not sure where to get started, remember to pick a room that allows you to create a strong foundation. House Beautiful suggested that one of the top reasons mixed metals don’t work in a home is because there’s not a sturdy base to start. Without the right furniture, adding an assortment of mixed metals will stick out like a sore thumb with no clear direction.

A neutral base is typically the best route for a palette of mixed metals. Stay away from furniture that tends to stand out — a bright red, patterned chair or sofa may clash with brass and silver, for example.

Remember: Mixing too many metals is never a good idea. One dominant option and two accent metals can give your home that gorgeous modern finish you’re craving.

Are mixed metals seasonal?
Not in the slightest! While you may be more inclined to use mixed metals when the holidays arrive because the shiny accents are reminiscent of Christmas, this trend is a nice touch year-round and can turn your home into a work of elegant art almost seamlessly.

Are you intimidated by the idea of mixed metals, but still want to incorporate them into a design scheme in your house? A personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can help. With professional expertise, you can properly execute this trend without going over the top or missing the mark. A design consultant will get on the phone with you to have a free consultation and continue the conversation virtually or come to your home and practice safe social distancing. Your comfort and safety is our top priority during these strange times.

During the conversation, you can let the personal decorator know how you’re feeling about mixed metals, how you’d like to use them in your home and the next best steps to take to get the job done. After the discussion, you can feel more confident in taking advantage of this trend.

So what are you waiting for? We’re dying to help you incorporate mixed metals into your design scheme. Reach out to us today to get started.

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