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Is your family room ready for Christmas?


It’s hard to believe, but yet another holiday season has officially arrived. It’s time to deck the halls, bake Christmas cookies and hang out with the ones you love. But before your plan your guest list and send out invitations for the big get-together, take a look at your family room. Is it ready for the holiday party? Now’s when you should start thinking about how you can make the most of your space, ensure everyone’s comfort and let your Christmas spirit shine.

So what are you waiting for? Santa Claus is coming to town, and so are all of your holiday-loving friends and family! Here are a few ways to get your family room ready for Christmas:

Decide on a theme
Coming up with a theme can be rather difficult, especially if you don’t want to decorate in traditional Christmas colors. You can take a subtle approach with a silver, gold and navy blue color scheme, using these hues as accents in your throw pillows, area rugs and decor accessories.

“Think about how your family room can accommodate extra guests.”

Rearrange the furniture
With more people spending time in your family room, you need to think about how you can accommodate the extra guests. Look at your current furniture arrangement: Does it allow for easy traffic flow? Will your guests feel comfortable wherever they’re sitting? Rearranging your furniture can maximize the cozy atmosphere and ensure there’s enough room for everyone. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a new look – when was the last time you moved your chairs and sofas around anyway?

Make things cozy
The winter weather is going to make your home a bit more chilly, so be sure to adjust the thermostat accordingly. Everyone has a different personal temperature threshold, and some may be colder than others, so accommodate those guests with throw blankets. These are great accessories that are both functional and stylish during the winter.

Create a designated food and drink area
The holiday season is all about sharing laughs, drinks and festive treats. Create a cute designated area in your family room for cocktails and cookies. Invest in a bar cart and adorn it with beverage accessories, liquor and mixers, and your favorite holiday treats.

Preparing your family room for the upcoming holiday party doesn’t have to be complicated, but you may find it difficult to take time out of your already-hectic schedule to make these adjustments. If you need a little assistance getting your home ready for Christmas, don’t worry – just contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors! He or she will come to your home, evaluate the allotted space and share his or her design expertise based on your ideas. There’s no need to stress about decor and design this holiday season, let Decorating Den Interiors take care of the hassle!

Christmas will be here before you know it, so contact a personal decorator today. Happy holidays!

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