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Is your home romancing you?

Today, perhaps more than ever, you may be thinking that your house is just not romancing you. It’s not soothing you or relaxing you. It’s not putting you in the right frame of mind for regrouping, rejuvenating, or re-energizing.

Decorating your home is more than a matter of color or type of furniture, or type of flooring, or accessorizing, or arranging. Decorating is about breathing personality into your house. Your space should communicate. It should communicate to you. It should communicate to others. It should express itself in terms of you. 

What does your decorating say to you? What does it say about you to others?

Start with balance.

Does your favorite room bring you a sense of equilibrium? After a day of juggling your “to do” list and Zoom calls, can you walk into a particular room and regain a sense of balance? When a room feels natural and comfortable, it’s bound to be balanced. There will be a sense of equilibrium among objects. If it’s off balance, it will more likely feel alien or uneasy. It will remind you of your busy day; not slow you down and refresh you.

Balance doesn’t mean a room has to be symmetrical or formal, with objects arranged equally on each side of a point of interest. Balance can just as well come from an asymmetrical or more informal arrangement. You can group objects of unequal size and bring them into balance by placing them farther away from the room’s focal point. 

While both types of balance can be used beautifully in any room design, generally speaking, a room that combines both kinds of balance is more agreeable and interesting.

Other refreshing tips.

There are many other ways to use decorating to create a space that romances you.


Nothing can add so much for so little as greenery. There’s a reason the man in your life brings you flowers. He knows you like them. (Unless you’re allergic). Most women like plants and flowers, but too often we don’t give them enough credit for being a decorative accent—even if they are artificial. Plants cheer up a room and humanize it by adding nature’s own basic color—green.


The romance of music:

Nothing can soothe like music, or the reminder of music. It could be a piano or some other instrument, or even just a music stand. Even if it’s primarily being used as an accessory, it can fill your mind with just the right musical notes and trigger lovely thoughts.



With our current challenges, you may often be feeling closed in and wishing for some breathing space. If that home work space of yours has only a small window, you can create the illusion of more space by extending that window treatment further than the window itself.  Don’t forget a mirror. That too can give you a more expansive feel.



They’re one of the most versatile of decorating tools. Stripes can make a room look bigger or wider, more serene or louder. But, like some other things in life, too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. Here are some tips: 

  • Wide stripes with dark or bright colors can be overpowering. Use them in small quantities as an attention getter. The wider the room, the wider the stripe can be.
  • A narrow vertical stripe works well in smaller rooms, particularly those with low ceilings. They will make your room appear larger by drawing your eye upward.
  • Stripes are the great “mixer.” They are fantastic when coordinated with other patterns such as florals and plaids.


Most importantly, when you are working with a professional designer, communicate well. Share the emotions you want the space to evoke. Describe the experience you want to have in that special space.  Decorating Den Interiors can provide the guidance and assistance needed to complete the vision. Contact us directly today to get started.

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