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It’s all in the details: 4 finishing touches your kitchen needs


There’s something oh-so satisfying about remodeling your kitchen. New cabinetry, appliances and a fresh coat of paint certainly have a way of transforming a space and enhancing the atmosphere. But when all is said and done, nothing brings a kitchen together quite like the fine details in design. Wall art, accessories and other decor complements the space and brings it all together.

To complete your kitchen and exude that sense of comfort, it’s all in the details. Here are a few finishing touches your kitchen needs:

1. Practical accessories

If your countertops are generally filled with small appliances, move them to the cabinets and make room for accessories that are both practical and stylish. Bread bins, tea boxes, spice racks, coffee ground tins, rolling pins – the options are endless. Think about what you can use in the kitchen and find ways to accessorize these tools.

Choosing a theme ahead of time can help you decide what type of accessories you need. If you’re taking a more modern approach, the tools you put on display should be sleek. Those taking an old-fashioned route should browse antiques instead.

A fruit basket on the table makes a gorgeous accessory.A fruit basket on the table makes a gorgeous and useful accessory.

2. Decorative wall art

Take a look at the space that surrounds the cabinets – if your walls are bare to the point of being an eye sore, you need to get creative. Bounce off of the theme you came up with for the kitchen accessories and find wall art to complete it. Distorted wooden shelves can hold some of your antique accessories, adding yet another practical yet stylish touch to the kitchen. A modern clock and mirror can make the space more comfortable. You may even consider creating an accent wall, displaying a variety of family photos. There are dozens of ways you can dress the walls in your kitchen to make the space feel more cozy and inviting.

3. Window treatments

Speaking of comfort, there’s no telling how uneasy it can feel walking past a window that offers little to no privacy. Instead of blinds, choose a beautiful fabric to create a truly customized treatment. This is a simple way to transform a window and make the space feel more complete. Fabric window treatments, such as roman shades or drapery, add warmth and color while offering privacy and comfort. Again, you can bounce off the kitchen’s theme to choose the right color and style when making your decision.

4. Area rugs

Your kitchen floor likely isn’t carpeted, and the bare, wooden surface probably doesn’t provide the cozy feel you seek on a cold winter morning. Perhaps you never considered it, but your bare kitchen flooring could be what’s holding the room back from feeling complete. Placing a few area rugs near the door and sink or under the bar stools or kitchen table can transform the space and make it feel more comfortable and inviting. Since it tends to get a little messy in the kitchen, we recommend opting for a patterned option so stains and scuffs are harder to see when you don’t have time to clean the rugs.

Don’t feel obligated to make all of these finishing touches on your own. With help from a personal decorator at Decorating Den Interiors, you can finally bring your kitchen together with the right combination of wall decor, accessories and statement furniture. Your design consultant will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate the space and talk to you about your ideas. From there, he or she will provide feedback and suggestions to turn your kitchen into the room you’ve always pictured.

Welcome spring’s arrival with a newly decorated kitchen by contacting Decorating Den Interiors today.

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