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Kitchen island and countertops: What stays and what goes


For many, the kitchen is a cozy oasis. It’s a place to cook delicious meals, get creative with new recipes and spend time with the ones you love. Beyond preparing and enjoying food with others, this space is also ideal for decorating and letting your style shine. From wall decor to area rugs, there are so many different options for personalizing the living space and making it yours. The kitchen island and countertops are other areas that offer optimal space, but placing the wrong items here can amount to clutter and discomfort.

Interested in reorganizing or decorating your kitchen counter space? Consider the following tips:

Base your wants around your needs
Take a look at the current arrangement of your countertop appliances and other trinkets. Does this space feel empty or overcompensated? According to interior designer Kimberly Paulus, your countertops should reflect the way you live and navigate through the kitchen.

“Your countertop setup is dependent on how you live,” she shared. “Oftentimes, if you use something daily, it is easier and more functional to have a place for it. From a design standpoint, a choice pot or appliance can be appropriate, but too much, as with anything, will feel cluttered.”

Based on your current set up, do you see appliances that you only use during the holidays? Put these in storage to free up some space for food preparation.


Less is more in the kitchen.Less is more in the kitchen.

Remember: Less is more
As mentioned earlier, decorating the kitchen can be just as fun as any other room. It’s important to remember, however, that while the kitchen island and countertops may be bare, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add any items.

“I tend to appreciate the “more is less” approach here,” said Paulus. “Decorative items often get in the way as well.”

Keep this in mind year-round, especially when you’re decorating for the seasons. Christmas decor can often pile up quickly, and the last thing you want is red and green trinkets cluttering up the counter space you could use to decorate holiday cookies.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box
While less is more is certainly our recommended way to go about things, that doesn’t mean you should leave your countertops bare. This can make the room feel incomplete. If your countertop appliances take up minimal space and you don’t generally use a fruit basket, think outside of the box when it comes to decorations. There’s no reason candles can’t reside in the kitchen, for example. Other cute trinkets and accessories you often use throughout your home to decorate bookshelves and other surfaces can be used in the kitchen as well. If you need assistance finding the right decorations for your countertops, a personal decorator has the expertise to help.

Whether you’re reorganizing a room in your home, taking on a new renovation project or redecorating a small area that you’ve neglected in the past, handling any of these tasks on your own can seem daunting and intimidating without the experience. Avoid putting the stress on yourself by working with a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors.

He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to discuss potential options for your kitchen countertops, with ideas for styling and decluttering. From there, you can successfully execute these ideas and transform your kitchen with ease. Remember: The smallest details can truly make the biggest difference.

Interested in redecorating or reorganizing your countertops and the rest of your kitchen? Reach out to a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today.

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