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Making the most of unused spaces


Every room in your home likely has a purpose, from the dining room where meals are shared to the office where work gets done. But are you truly getting the most out of your living spaces? Empty corners in your living room or barren hallways are just waiting to be transformed, but how can your turn these areas into delightful showcases?

Here is some inspiration for making unused spaces into something special:

Add a bench near the front door

Is there an empty area near your door or hallway where shoes and coats pile up, but there’s not much else going on? Adding a bench is the perfect way to make an entryway more inviting, as well as  functional as it creates a comfortable space to slip on and take of shoes.

Another tip is to look for a bench or console table with storage or cubbies. This way shoes can be tucked out of sight. Add some wall hangers for jackets and keys along with a mirror, and you have the perfect space to gather yourself before leaving the house.

Adding a bench can make your entryway more inviting.

Create a reading nook near a window

An empty corner, especially one near a window, is brimming with potential to be something special. Purchase a statement chair in a fun style or pattern that you’ve had your eye on, add a throw pillow or blanket and you’re almost done. Next, add a side table and standing lamp to invite family to curl up and read a book, even after the sun goes down.

A reading corner is the perfect way to transform an empty space, and it’s also a creative way to add a pop of color or unique furniture item you’ve always wanted.

Put a coffee bar in the kitchen

An unused wall or nook in the kitchen can be seamlessly blended into your existing layout when you add a coffee bar. A rolling sideboard or bar cart that adds extra space and storage is ideal, according Good Housekeeping. Bring your coffee maker, mugs and everything else needed to this area and set it up as you like. You can even hang up a shelf or hooks for extra storage for your mugs.

You’ll thank yourself in the morning when everything you need for that first cup is right where you want it. An added bonus is that coffee bars can help clear up counter space for other appliances.

Hang up a shelf

When you have a wall that is not quite ideal for displaying artwork, but you still feel like it needs sprucing up, a shelf is perfect. Shelves give you some added storage opportunity, as well as space to display your accessories and photographs.

The important thing to note here is that shelving can be added to any space. An awkward space under a stairwell? Add shelves and make it into a bookcase. An empty corner in the bathroom? Shelves can match your existing decor and give you a space for extra amenities your family will appreciate.

Angle a full-length mirror in the bedroom

This is one of the most trendy ways to fill up empty space, according to Apartment Therapy. A full length mirror (the larger the better) with a unique frame is ideal for an empty corner in your bedroom. Leaning a large, full length mirror in an empty corner (no hanging it up with a nail) is perfect for an outfit check, not to mention making the room feel larger. Add some plants or lights around it for an added personal touch.

These are just a few ways to take an empty space in your home and turn it into something special, but our design experts know a lot more. Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today to get help making the most of every room.

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