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Natural Design in Home Decor


Do you want to give your home a revamp that’s inspired by the style and textures of the environment? Natural design in home decor is a popular option to consider; bringing elements influenced by the outdoors inside can make your living space more lively and help you feel more grounded in the foundation of your home.

From accents and textures to accessories and furniture, there are so many timeless options to choose from that can work throughout your space and make it feel more homey and satisfying. Adding natural design isn’t only optimal for aesthetic reasons – it’s also an environmentally conscious choice, bringing awareness to sustainability and what it means to use renewable, natural materials over others.

Here are some of our favorite natural elements in home design and decor that can bring your space to life:

Rattan is a long-stemmed vine that looks like bamboo. Similar to wicker, the biggest difference between the two materials is the method of weaving – in furniture, it produces a thinner look, which can be more subtle in home design and decor.

Speaking of wicker, rattan doesn’t necessarily make a replacement for this classic material. If you want to incorporate both rattan and wicker throughout your living space, you can achieve this by placing the two in separate rooms. This is a simple way to avoid the clash of weave styles and enjoy both options. As an added bonus, both Rattan and Wicker are easily harvested from fast-growing trees that don’t require the use of chemicals, making them sustainable products.

Wicker makes a lovely statement in cottagecore decor. Wicker makes a lovely statement in cottagecore decor.

Those searching for a simple wood to incorporate into their home can benefit from teak, as it can help you achieve a minimalist look while offering plenty of versatility. Reapply a coat of oil to help its natural oils shine and this material will continue to hold its condition for years.

If you’re going for a more luxurious take on natural design, marble makes a great option. It’s said that the Greeks and Romans added marble to their homes instead of classic building materials because it was more durable and made their living spaces more extravagant.

Leather is a timeless texture that can add a touch of sophistication to any living space. This traditional material is tough, flexible and very simple to clean, making it the perfect option for homeowners with families.

Marble countertops make a gorgeous statement in any kitchen. Marble countertops make a gorgeous statement in any kitchen.

If you want to achieve a classic mid-century modern aesthetic, terracotta fits right into the style. Add accessories in this rusty orange color to complement the rest of your natural design accents.

Live plants
Decorating with natural foliage throughout your home has always been trendy and shows no signs of stopping. Whether you add a bouquet to every level of your home or you want to create a cute indoor garden with succulents, the options are endless.

Incorporate natural design elements with help from a personal decorator
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One of our personal decorators will come to your home for a complimentary consultation where you’ll begin the design revamp discussion. During the initial conversation, you can give your designer a tour of the space, provide details about your desires for your home and talk through your personal style preferences. Your design consultant will take all of this information and create a blueprint to ensure your design and decor dreams come true.

Whether you choose to collaborate on the project or leave all of the work to your decorator, the end result will leave you satisfied. There’s no need to rely on yourself to accomplish a home design and decor project without the expertise – we can help!

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