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Navigating the Various Design Styles: How To Select Your Home’s Aesthetic


People have been furnishing their homes for centuries, giving present-day designers tons of options to work with. While the sheer number of fixtures may be overwhelming, many design styles can be categorized into broader aesthetics. This makes it easier to identify the theme you like and then narrow it down to find the right pieces for your space.

But what are the most popular groups of design styles? Let’s take a look at a few so you can determine which one you most closely align with.

contemporary furnitureContemporary design is created by combining the beloved modern and Art Deco styles.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design incorporates many aspects of modern decor — such as clean lines and simple colors — but also includes elements of Art Deco and post-modernism. This combination of aesthetics adds boldness and flair to minimalist design, making it more colorful and customizable than modern style.

Most contemporary pieces are specifically designed to be functional yet fun. Oftentimes, this design choice leans on the side of neutral colors but can include pops of color as an accent when it makes sense — like a bright throw pillow or area rug. As for furniture, contemporary pieces use sleek lines and smooth textures. Whether you lean toward curved chairs or sofas or desire modern-edge pieces that have hard corners, both work within this style. Just ensure you use light woods or metals to top off the look.

Minimalist Design

As the name suggests, minimalist design sticks to the basics, keeping rooms wide open and clean to accentuate an open-floor concept. If this is the style you prefer, you most likely hate clutter and desire for all your furniture pieces to serve a purpose. This could include just the right amount of multifunctional furniture, accessories and decorative elements to make the room homey without being too full.

Minimalist furniture is simple, with clean lines and simple forms to create an elegant but laid-back look. Neutral colors are a must, but a fun hue can be used here and there — as long as it doesn’t distract from the overall design. From all-white kitchens with sleek, metal barstools to bedrooms with just the essentials displayed tastefully and artistically, this scaled-back design choice is anything but boring.

Modern Farmhouse Design

You may be slightly familiar with the modern farmhouse look or are already a seasoned veteran when it comes to this style, but one thing you definitely know is this look is all about cozy charm. This aesthetic takes the contemporary style of modern decor and adds color and warmth for a more traditional yet up-to-date look.

Generally, furniture in modern farmhouse styles combines neutrals with earthy tones like blues, greens, yellows and dark oranges for a rustic and natural design. When it comes to the types of furniture used in this style of home, you’ll find lots of reclaimed wood, wrought iron details, vintage accessories and large, comfortable pieces where people can kick their feet up and stay a while.

farmhouse furnitureA modern take on the classic farmhouse design includes reclaimed wood, industrial lighting fixtures and vintage accents.

Transitional Design

If the other design styles haven’t piqued your interest, maybe transitional design is the choice for you. It is marked by both modern and traditional pieces and decorative elements that create contrast and interest in a space. For example, creating a simplistic, neutral bedroom and then hanging up a chandelier fit for a castle.

Transitional design is meant for people who aren’t afraid to mix and match aesthetics or are consistently switching up their style preferences. By molding age-old classic furniture with futuristic pieces, you can emphasize your distinctive taste and create something completely unique.

Not Sure What Your Style Is? Decorating Den Interiors Can Help

Whether you’re constantly adapting your style or are a minimalist lover through and through, there are literally thousands of design options for you to choose from for your home. Either way, Decorating Den Interiors is here to help you achieve the look you’re hoping for.

And if you’re still not sure what design styles you may prefer, we have a helpful quiz! Just answer a few questions to get a better idea of which way you lean stylistically. Once you identify your style, it will be much easier to select furniture that lives up to your expectations and emphasizes who you truly are.

For further design guidance, our designers are always available to chat. Set up a consultation with a talented expert today by finding a decorator near you.

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