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New homeowners: Tips and tricks for styling the whole house


Purchasing a brand new home is an exciting adventure, whether you’re first-timers or you’re simply moving from one house to another. A new living space offers an opportunity for new beginnings — a chance to create long-lasting memories with your loved ones in a totally new space.

To build a comfortable living environment that makes it easy to unwind, have fun and enjoy the atmosphere in the midst of it all, decorating your home is a must. Without a solid design plan in place, however, interior design can be a bit overwhelming when you’re dealing with an entire house.

Don’t fret — if you’re looking for design and decor advice, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our tried and true tips and tricks for styling your new home:

Start with the foundation
This is an easy style tip you can plan for before even moving into your house. When taking the tour of the new home, were you satisfied with the wall colors? How did you feel about the architectural accents? Does the flooring match your personal style? These are all adjustments that can be made in advance before moving into your home, and can make it easier to decorate and come up with furniture placement.


Think about the foundational elements of the room before everything else.Think about the foundational elements of the room before everything else.

Roll in the furniture (new or old)
Once the foundation of your home is squared away, it’s time to think about your current furniture and how it will look in your new living space. Do you have enough seating, tables and other furniture to fill the square footage? Could you benefit from a bigger sofa? Have your children outgrown their current bedding arrangements? Even if you plan on holding on to most of your old furniture, you can make a room pop with a new focal point in the form of a chair or other piece of furniture.

Bring rooms to life with accents
Filling your room with furniture is important, but adding in accents and decorations will complete your living space. Think carefully about how you want to style your home based on your overall goals with the design and decor. Do you have an open floor plan? If so, it may be more difficult to follow multiple themes. You might think about following one overarching design scheme while giving each room on the main floor its own unique decor. Then, you can let your children decorate their own bedrooms as they wish.


An open floor plan can make it easier to follow a single theme on the main floor.An open floor plan can make it easier to follow a single theme on the main floor.

Bonus tip: Let your personal style shine
Whether you and your partner are tackling the home design and decor project together or you have full reign on the new house, think of it as a blank canvas that’s waiting for you to let your creativity and personality shine. Don’t hold back — have fun with the decorations and accents and create a living space that your friends and family can easily identify with your style preferences.

Don’t do it alone — call a personal decorating expert from Decorating Den Interiors instead!
Decorating an entire home on your own can be an intimidating feat. Don’t let the idea of starting from scratch overwhelm you. Call an expert from Decorating Den Interiors.

One of our design specialists will come to your house for a complimentary consultation to assess the space. During the initial get-together, you can provide some of your own ideas and visions for the house so your decorator can get to know your style preferences and better understand your end goals with the design and decor. Throughout the project, your design consultant will run through ideas with you until you meet in the middle. Of course, you can also put full trust in your decorator and wait until the end of the project to see the final product — the choice is yours!

No matter what you envision for your living space, you can trust one of our experienced decorators to get the job done. Call Decorating Den Interiors today to get the project in motion.

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