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Nursery Decor Ideas for Your Baby’s Room

Having a baby is an incredible journey, and part of that adventure is getting your baby boy or baby girl's room all set up. While this is an exciting and enjoyable task, there's a lot to think about: What furniture do you need to include? What colors are best for a baby nursery? Should you choose a theme for the nursery decor? Before you stress out, take a deep breath and know you don't have to do this alone!

Continue reading to learn the answers to these questions and discover what nursery decor might work best for your little bundle of joy.

Inspiration for Your Nursery

Whether you want to make your space a modern, gender-neutral nursery or you're looking to go colorful and bold, there are many different styles of nursery to choose from. We know it can be a little overwhelming, so here are some nursery ideas to inspire you:

Simple and Modern

A modern nursery has grown in popularity over the years and is an excellent option if you're simply looking for a clean, calm design. For wall colors, wallpaper or wall stickers, go for tones like white, gray or charcoal, which are all options for a base paint color you can incorporate into the rest of the room. Choose a few neutral hues to keep the modern decor consistent. Then, keep the furniture, rug and drapery within the same palette. Since the colors won't vary much in this design choice, pick throw pillows, a baby blanket, wall art and other accessories that have interesting textures to give the room more dimension.

bold colorsIf you want to go in the opposite direction from a neutral room, adding bold colors is the answer.

Ultra Colorful

If you want to go in the opposite direction from a neutral nursery, adding bold colors is your answer. Whether you want to have multiple hues or desire to focus on just one, there are some tasteful ways to make the space bright without being too busy. If you choose multiple colors, pick ones that complement each other — and don't go overboard.

Some fun combinations to try include yellow and blue, navy and teal, maroon and peach, light pink and burgundy or forest green and light green. The best way to use two shades is to have one main color and incorporate the other as an accent — think a throw pillow, blanket, plush toys, drapery, wall decals and knick-knacks. That way, you can have a bright nursery while still keeping it a peaceful place for your little one to rest.

Geometric Design

For a completely unique take on your baby's room, try using geometric shapes, various lines and abstract forms to create a well-rounded space. Pick one nursery wall as the focal point and paint a mural, hang some art or put up shelves that boast angular designs and interesting patterns. On those shelves, select home decor and stuffed animals that can add to the playfulness of the space. Also, wooden furniture works best with this type of room, and shades like blue, green and coral can top off a retro look.

Extra Eclectic

You don't always need a color-coded scheme or a perfectly put-together nursery theme. Ensure that you choose colors and wall decor that won't clash when creating a more eclectic space, but have fun with combining different patterns and prints. One way to accomplish this nursery style is to choose decor in primary colors — red, blue and yellow — and mix and match these shades using a photo gallery wall or comfortable rugs. When done correctly, all these colors come together to create a bright space for your little one to enjoy.

Before any room is complete and you can add home decor and baby toys, you must get furniture — but what pieces are necessary for your baby's room? Let's find out!

Essential Nursery Furniture

As beautiful as you may want your nursery to be, it still needs to be an appropriate place for your baby to sleep and relax. That means it needs certain furniture pieces that combine both functionality and style. As you consider what nursery design you want to create, also keep in mind what furniture is necessary for the room. Here are a few vital pieces to include:


The most important piece of furniture you'll buy for your baby's nursery is a crib. It's where they'll sleep for months (even years) to come, and it's the focal point of the room. Think of your baby's crib as a temporary bed. It's helpful to pick one that will convert into a single bed as your child grows.

Cribs vary in style, but generally, an unpainted wood crib is a great choice and goes with any room and nursery decoration. Another versatile option is a white or neutral-colored piece.

Changing Table

It might not be fun to think about, but changing diapers is a huge part of having a baby. Your changing table can range in style from a simple wooden frame or a retractable table with a changing pad cover. Whatever you choose, make sure it works with your design and is comfortable and safe for your child. Your changing table can also function as a dresser for baby clothes and diapers — or even act as a storage space for baby toys.

chairA place to sit is vital for your own comfort while rocking your child to sleep.

Rocking Chair

To ensure the nursery works as a comfortable place for you, a place to sit is vital while rocking your child to sleep. Choose a comfortable, plush chair that matches the design of the nursery that's also a great place to sit for long periods. Consider keeping a small basket next to the piece, filled with essentials such as a baby monitor, bibs, pacifiers and diapers.

Nursery Interior Design Themes

If you want to take your child's room one step further, keep the design focused on a specific theme of your choosing. Some popular baby room ideas include:

  • Forest or woodland.
  • Jungle or safari.
  • Outer space.
  • Rainbows.
  • Vintage or antique.
  • Movie or character-focused.

Play around with different room decor options like nursery wall decals, paint color swatches and furniture pieces until you land on the style that you love. And if you need extra help, our interior design experts at Decorating Den Interiors are available.

How Decorating Den Interiors Can Help

Whether you're a new parent or have multiple children, you most likely have a lot on your mind. If you need some help creating your dream nursery space, Decorating Den Interiors can take some of the weight off your shoulders.

We specialize in custom spaces, so your decorator will help create a nursery unique to you. After you reach out to us, a personal decorator will visit your home to help you discover your personal style and find out what you want your baby's nursery to look like. Afterward, the interior designer will come up with baby room ideas to achieve your desired nursery style and layout.

If you're ready to get started, then we're excited to help! Connect with us to create the perfect nursery for your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

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