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Our favorite desk organization hacks


Whether you’re still settled into your home desk or you’ve finally made your way back to the office, spring poses the perfect opportunity to clean and get organized! This is especially true for those who haven’t been to their office desk since March 2020 — it’s time to trash the outdated calendar, get rid of irrelevant notes and make your workspace feel put together again.

Does your home office need an update? Are you ready to transform the desk you’ve finally returned to after a year of uncertainty? Here are some of our favorite desk organization hacks to get your space in top shape for the new season:

Reconsider your current setup
This tip may be more difficult if you’re fixing up your space in your place of work, but a new and improved desk may be the simple hack you’ve been ignoring for years. If you’re looking to enhance your home office, take a look at your current desk and decide how much it’s really helping you get through your workday. You may have settled with something simple and sleek because it’s stylish and inexpensive, but what about the storage space? Do you have papers piled sky-high because you have nowhere else to put them? A desk with built-in storage can be an ideal improvement for getting all your items together.


Does your current desk offer enough storage?Does your current desk offer enough storage?

If you’re dealing with the desk at your workplace again and it’s not in the company budget to buy new furniture, consider the storage solutions and potential organizational features you can simply add to it instead. Filing cabinets that secure directly under the desk can be the perfect addition to your workspace and open your eyes to a world of possibilities in storage. The main idea is to free up some surface space on your desk; reducing physical clutter can clear your mind and make it easier to concentrate on your work tasks.

Don’t be afraid to add other functional furniture
Depending on the amount of space you have to work within your office, you don’t only have to rely on your desk for storage space. A bookshelf makes an ideal piece of functional furniture that not only stores books and other important documents, but can also add style along the way. You can use the surface space to your advantage while also decorating with accessories that can help the office look and feel more personal and put together.

“Add features that help you feel most comfortable without distracting you.”

Wall shelving can also come into play in this instance — freeing up space on your desktop while also adding a decorative element to your workspace can benefit you in many ways. Remember: You’re spending a lot of time here, so you should add features that can help you feel most comfortable without distracting you from your work.

Always remember the traditional organizational tools
Ridding your desk of clutter is important, but there are certain classic tools that can play a major role in how organized your workspace remains. Pen holders, file holders, desk trays and cord organizers can come in handy no matter where you’re working. Just remember that less is more: Keep things simple and don’t clutter your desk with organizational tools just because you think they might help you every once in a while. Stick to the options that you’ll swear by in the months to come.


Take advantage of surrounding storage options.Take advantage of surrounding storage options.

Call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors for further assistance
Getting your workspace back in order can be a daunting job, especially if organization is one of your least favorite tasks. Don’t let the idea of returning to your office or rearranging your home workspace overwhelm you. Instead, let a personal decorating expert from Decorating Den Interiors lend a helping hand to get the job done.

He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to discuss your desk organization wants and needs. If you’re making improvements to your home office, your decorator can assess the space on the spot. If you want to improve your desk at your place of business, the personal decorator will ask for pictures and other details relating to your ultimate goals and any restrictions your workplace may have about making adjustments to your desk.

From there, you can decide which organizational hacks work best for you and ensure the new set up can be maintained well into the future. Contact us today to get started!

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