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Outdoor Entertainment Space Trends to Get Behind


Warm weather often inspires us to spend more of our free time outdoors, soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh air. But outdoor design and decor allow us to maximize our time spent during the warmer months, giving us fun ways to entertain our guests and family members and turn the backyard into the go-to summer spot.

Is your back patio space in need of a revamp? Do you want to transform your space and come up with a completely different vibe? There are so many different ways to turn your outdoor living space into an entertainment haven.

Whether you have a big family or you’re in need of a transformation for yourself, there are plenty of options. Here are some outdoor entertainment space trends that are worth the consideration:

Outdoor kitchen
It’s easy to cook a meal and bring it outside to enjoy on the patio. But why not bring the entire cooking and dining experience outside? An outdoor kitchen offers a great opportunity to elevate your back patio and create a bistro-esque aesthetic that you and your family members can enjoy after a long day away from each other. This theme shift can be as simple as adding a new grill to the setup or adding a kitchen nook with running water under the pergola.

Outdoor kitchens provide a new way to enjoy the summer weather.Outdoor kitchens provide a new way to enjoy the summer weather.

Edible garden
Planting flowers will never go out of style; growing different varieties around your home is a simple way to liven things up and add a hint of personality to your yard. If you want to take things to the next level, consider adding an edible garden to the mix. Make it a project with the family to plant and nurture everyone’s favorite vegetables so there’s something you all have something to look forward to.

All ages playground
A swing set is an easy way to entertain the kids, but how much use do the adults get out of it? The kids might want to have fun, but there’s no shame in admitting you want to as well.

Instead of adding a jungle gym to the backyard and calling it a day, make it an all-ages playground that everyone can enjoy. Set up a courtyard with yard games like bean bag toss, bocce ball, ring toss and horseshoes so the whole family can get in on the fun.

Backyard movie theater
Why sit inside and watch a movie when you can create an outdoor movie theater instead? As long as you have a blank wall to project your films, this is a simple project to achieve. Beyond investing in a projector, you can run as far with this idea as you want – invest in new comfortable patio furniture and a surround sound system or just grab new throw pillows and blankets to get cozy under the stars.

Comfortable furniture creates an inviting outdoor space.Comfortable furniture creates an inviting outdoor space.

Work with Decorating Den Interiors to get the project in motion
No matter where you live across the nation, taking advantage of the warm weather while it’s here is the best way to make the most use of your backyard. If you’re tired of looking at a bare patio with only a few chairs to accommodate you and your guests, it’s time to reach out to Decorating Den Interiors.

One of our personal decorators will come to your home to provide a complimentary consultation. During this evaluation, your design consultant will get to know your personal style preference and wants and needs while analyzing how much backyard space you have to work with.

In an effort to achieve your goals and desires, your designer will come up with a solid idea, layout the blueprint and take care of the rest. All you have to do is give feedback and suggestions, and your decorator will take care of the rest.

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