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Part 1: Decorating your entryway for Halloween [Video]

Happy Halloween, decor enthusiasts!

The spooky season is here. Soon, the trick-or-treaters will fill the streets and arrive at your doorstep ready for chocolate and candy galore. But before they knock and say those three special words, you need to make sure your entryway is equally as spooky and exciting as their costumes.

First, consider your lighting. Make sure it’s bright enough for kids to walk up and down the driveway, but still dark enough to follow the spooky theme. Dimming entryway lights can set the perfect tone.

Next, think about the color scheme. Do you want to use traditional Halloween colors, or follow a more subtle fall approach? Consider both options based on your personal style.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next time for part two of our series.

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