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Part 1: Trends in spring home decor [Video]

The cold, bitter temperatures of winter may be keeping you cooped up inside, but now’s the perfect time to start preparing your living space for the season change! There are dozens of spring trends you can follow in décor that’ll help bring the life back to your home.

The use of watercolor florals throughout your living room or bedroom can add a fresh and friendly vibe to your space. Floral throw pillows, pieces of artwork and window treatments can set the lively tone you’ve been craving since last year.

If you’re less into patterns and more into bold hues, decorate your home with romantic pastels. Filling your rooms with orchid and lavender shades will make you forget about the dark days of winter and concentrate on the bright, fresh days of springtime.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next week to learn about more spring décor trends.

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